Chancellor's New Year's address: a series of flat phrases

"The sun controls the climate, not the CO2"

When the Chancellor speaks of man-made climate change, even though she knows as a scientist the uncertainty of this claim, I doubt that she is a physicist. The intelligent, no cleverly orchestrated climate hysteria has led to the fact that with the CO2- Guilty the government and the EU have virtually generated a money printing machine. CO2 as a license for unlimited turning on the control screw.

I had just written these sentences when this open letter "fluttered" into my electronic mailbox, which the association UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | e.V. transmitted. Sender of the renowned graduate chemist Dr. rer. nat. Hans Penner.

"Dear Ms Merkel, your New Year's message" The crises arising from global warming are man-made "is absolutely wrong. You have probably adopted this nonsensical claim from a dubious climate consultant who attributes hurricanes to combustion emissions (

Their claim is scientifically untenable because the absorption of 15 µm radiation has long been saturated, see the Bundestag's Enquete report. See details See also “Climate Manifesto 2020; The sun controls our climate, not the CO2 “of the values ​​union Bavaria (

The climate cult is a very profitable business, even for dubious scientists. Trillions of euros are stolen from citizens for this business. Most citizens do not notice this because they lack the relevant expertise.

You have introduced a new indulgence trade. Citizens can escape climate purgatory if they pay climate taxes. The new sins are car, boat and air travel. Consequently, alcoholic fermentation and the exhalation of carbon dioxide must also be taxed in order to achieve “decarbonization”. The German Environmental Aid eV seems to be successful in decimating the German automotive industry. With kind regards Hans Penner "

It is interesting that the CSU-related union of values ​​is now also commenting on the topic: “The conservative grass-roots initiative WertUnion in Bavaria - Conservative awakening sees it as proven that the sun controls the climate and not carbon dioxide (CO2). The new climate laws are therefore insignificant for the climate, but "they threaten the foundations for freedom, prosperity and market economy", said the state executive. What CSU chief and Prime Minister Markus Söder has to say is not yet known.

“The sun controls the climate, not the CO2"

"The values ​​union in Bavaria rejects "Green Deal" and CO2-Price decided from“It says there. “The sun controls the climate, not the CO2". The conservative grassroots movement within the CSU criticizes the "Green Deal" presented by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the CO2-Pricing by the climate package of the federal government, which by increasing the CO2-Price to more than 25 euros per ton has now been tightened.

The WertUnion in Bavaria sees this as the first step towards deindustrialization of Germany. The Deputy Values ​​Union Country Chairman Dr. Thomas Jahn said: “The decommissioning of our factories led to a reduction in CO2Emissions in Germany, but that would not lead to a positive effect on the environment. “The deindustrialization of Germany would rather shift production to countries with low environmental standards, especially the People's Republic of China. As a result, the values ​​union in Bavaria sees fundamental values ​​of the free world, especially the market economy order, threatened.

"CO2-Pricing drives the industry away "

Graduate chemist Dr. Christian Steidl, member of the federal board of the values ​​union eV as well as the national board of the values ​​union in Bavaria, criticized the CO2-Pricing: "Energy price increases act like an industrial migration acceleration law. Even if the measure is not just an industrial relocation, but a CO2-Saving the result would be insignificant for our climate, because this is controlled by the sun. In the past 600 million years, the CO2 the climate is demonstrably not controlled and there are no scientific signs of why this should be different at the moment. "

The values ​​union in Bavaria therefore announced under the direction of Bohdan Kalwarowskyj, Dr. Christian Steidl and Dr. Ellen Walther-Klaus launched an educational offensive on the scientific foundations of climate change, as these would be neglected at school. That ice ages cannot be reduced by lowering the CO2Content in the atmosphere, the Marburg mineralogy professor Emanuel Kayser had already proven in 1913 (Zentralblatt für Mineralogie etc., 1913, p. 769.). The long disproved CO2-Greenhouse gas theory was revived in the 80s for political reasons and promoted through the targeted allocation of research funds, ”says the values ​​union.

On the basis of quantum physical, atmospheric and astronomical studies, more and more scientists contradict the thesis of one by CO2- Emission of "man-made" climate change:

  • The strong correlation of the climate development of the past 100 years with the intensity of sunspots is demonstrated in detail. Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark researches the influence of solar cycles on the climate and cosmic rays on cloud formation. WELT reported on this in 2009 under the heading "A physicist shakes climate theory".

  • A video of the conversation between Dipl. Ing. Michael Limburg from the EIKE Institute for Climate and Energy is also very informative Karl-Herrmann Steinberg, the last environmental minister of the GDR.

In summary, the climate researcher provides Rex Fleming in his recently published book: "The prevailing definition of climate change - as represented by the United Nations and represented by a CO2-Ejection caused is understood - is a myth. "- Rex J. Fleming: The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change, Springer Nature Switzerland, Cham (CH), 2019.

On this scientific basis, the values ​​union Bavaria - conservative awakening has decided on a climate manifesto that would withdraw CO2- calls for pricing plans and an open debate about the real causes of climate change. The document is on the Website of the WertUnion in Bavaria available. "

So it remains exciting when it comes to the discussion about climate change. In view of rising electricity and fuel prices, the split between "climate hysterics" and "climate deniers" is likely to widen. How bent the discussion has become can be seen from the choice of words. Nobody can deny the climate, because it has been around for over four billion years. And even the climate deniers do not deny climate change, but the decisive influence of man on it.

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    Dear Peter,

    thanks for the clear comment. You wrote me again from the soul. Please keep it up - with great success and fortune in 2020 !!!

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