Hard but fair: on the way to an ecodictatorship? - Climate researcher Hans von Storch puts his finger in the climate wound

Climate researcher from Storch: reason against hysteria

Finally an interesting talk show. Because on the one hand it makes the absurd demands of "extinction rebellion" visible, and on the other hand because climate researchers from Stork's voice of reason made the real problem clear. It was due to the moderator that he hardly had a say and that he seemed bored somewhat frustrated.

The situation seemed to ease that von Storch affirmed the reality of man-made climate change. But when he then calculated how ineffective our "climate hysteria" is, he got verbally beaten. From Storch's reference to global CO2 -Output of 38 gigatons a year and our share of one gigatonne caused the other participants to catch their breath.

An actress without climatological substance

The actress Nina Kronjäger had nothing substantial to contribute. Actually incomprehensible to even invite them. Her praise for "extinction rebellion" and criticism of the government's climate protection package culminated in the statement that roadblocks are "the right way". Does she still see it that way if she can't go to the next shoot because the road is dense?

Climate researcher from Storch: There is no reason for hysteria

Tino Pfaff of "Extinction Rebellion": "It is long after twelve", which would make any effort to protect the climate superfluous. "We consciously cross borders and start where Friday for future ends". Pfaff: “We block access routes, roads, banks, corporations. But everything is non-violent. ”However, the research rebel does not come up with the idea that physical action against social life, blocking free space is already violence. But all of this is necessary to make it clear "that we are slipping into a climate catastrophe".

Do we have to abolish democracy for “climate protection”?

The FAZ journalist Rainer Hank, always an eloquent talk show guest with an intellectual depth, is concerned about the increasing radicalism about democracy, the Green Bärbel Höhn was pleased with memories of the demos of the 500.000s and sees parallels to "extinction rebellion", Christopher Grau , Initiator of "Fridays for Hubraum" resisted support from the AfD, but believes in automotive freedom and wants to show with his group (over XNUMX) "that not everyone thinks like Greta". In total, it seemed that this time not four talk show guests were beating up on a victim of a different opinion. The round seemed balanced.

The gnarled von Storch always brought the climate hysterics back down to earth in the round. The word “climate emergency” reminded him of the emergency laws of the Third Reich. The goal of the Paris climate agreement is a "political goal". And even if Germany or Europe met its climate goals and no CO2 emit more, around 30 gigatons of CO remained2 -Emissions worldwide: "No one talks about them! We have to think about how we can get the world to CO2 to reduce. We can't go there and tell them we don't fly anymore, we don't eat meat anymore - do that sometimes. But they don't. ”Von Storch pleads for technological offers to these countries, not the moral club. "Our mistake is that the question of the effectiveness of measures is never asked in Germany."

Greens boss Robert Habeck prefers the Chinese model

Bärbel Höhn contradicted: “We have to make it clear to the world that the way out of coal is right. To get the other countries to say: "If Germany as an industrialized nation can do that, then we won't go into coal." What Ms. Höhn seemed to overlook completely: that these countries have been in coal for a long time and have to ask the question is whether Germany, as an industrialized nation, will still exist after a few years of coal and nuclear phase-out.

The citizens' meetings called for by "Extinction Rebellion" practically with executive law (the government must follow the decisions taken there) would undermine our democracy, our parliament, Rainer Hank rightly says. The professional actress in the group agrees with "Extinction Rebellion": "They get involved in democracy differently", she says and doubts about the functionality of the government: "They can no longer do it. The institutions are just too clumsy. ”

Just as Green Leader Habeck thinks the Chinese and dictatorial social model is good in enforcing guidelines, "Extinction Rebellion" is apparently ready to be able to prescribe what needs to be done in a kind of people's congress to the elected government. It is unbelievable which understanding of democracy is visible here in the verbal cloak of “new forms of democracy”. What serves the good is allowed.

The sometimes bored-looking climate researcher from Storch surprised again and again. When the name of the leading German climate hysteric Schellnhuber came up, von Storch showed what he thought of him with a pejorative gesture.

Not only was the discussion surprised by Storch's findings: "When I'm on the road with colleagues, I notice that many are fed up with these exaggerations." Or: "Talk to the people in China. Climate change is not their main problem. "

Scientists are not there to improve the world, but to understand the world. And, incidentally, von Storch indicated that scientists who postulate political goals are not particularly credible.

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