BMW 320d xDrive: the best threesome ever?

The triple face signals technical substance

There is one constant in the development of automobiles: the better is the enemy of the good. Of course, the new three is again a development leap on the open quality and perfection scale. But it's not the best ever because we can't look to the future. In this respect, the current three is not the best of all time, but the best to date.

The pun "inflation of all times", which is being used by auto journalists, of course, cannot refer to the future, but many seem to express this subtly. Today's threesome, however, provokes superlatives, because it is actually the tip not of the iceberg, but of Bavarian automotive development in this class. We even ask about intensive test drives, whether a five or seven is still needed, that's what convinced us the 320d xDrive. That is nonsense, of course, but when it comes to not only getting from A to B comfortably and dynamically in a limousine, but enjoying “driving pleasure”, the 320d xDrive is the best choice for you. We never had the feeling of being underpowered, we would never have wished for the stronger sibling models, the legitimacy of which should not be doubted, however. The customer has the choice and should keep it.

Does the threesome have too much movement in the sheet? A matter of taste. Photos: BMW

Driving in the 320d xDrive is characterized by the typical BMW balance. Driving dynamics in the best sense, precise steering characteristics and comfortable rolling make this sedan (also available as a touring) an automobile that is undoubtedly on the top of the podium among its competitors. In terms of design, we have the feeling that the designers are somehow mainstream. There is too much movement in the sheet metal for our taste. An aesthetic pleasure in the face, on the other hand: narrow LED headlights literally want to hypnotize the viewer. The kidney has a positive three-dimensional effect and does not have the overdimensioned dimensions of other BMW models. The fact that the threesome has grown by almost eight centimeters in length compared to its predecessor gives it a formal sovereignty and aesthetic presence according to the Basic Law: The longer a car gets, the more elegantly we perceive it.

The intelligent all-wheel drive xDrive provides significantly more grip

The design undoubtedly reveals technical substance. If we leave the flaws aside, there is a clearly visible modern car that does not pretend to be more than to shine. But that is well aware of its qualities.

The intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive - we could not really enjoy its qualities without snow - convinces even on wet roads with a noticeable plus in grip and with its torque distribution. The fact that the power is transmitted in a flash to the advice that best brings it to the ground ensures noticeable stability.

The base price of our test vehicle of 45.100 euros is only on paper. The vehicle was fully equipped. From the larger fuel tank for 170 euros to the Driving Assistant Professional for 1.990 euros and the BMW laser light (simply awesome at night without dazzling oncoming people) for also 1.990 euros, from Parking Assistant Plus for 1.000 euros to wireless charging for the smart phone for Our test car offered 400 euros, what your heart desires. The total of the special equipment of 22.860 euros made the optically low basic price 70.320 euros. We would never order any special equipment: gesture control for 250 euros. On the other hand, the charging cradle for mobile phones is extremely practical.

If you want, you can check the tank filling from the living room

We consider the usual criticism of the surcharge policy not only at BMW to be superfluous, because we are convinced that the customer alone should decide what he has and what he wants to pay. It is interesting whether it is important to check the tank level from the living room using the BMW Connected app, but it was unnecessary for us.

The digital world of fittings: one for the entire cockpit

We were really impressed by the 2-liter diesel with its two turbochargers. Here, in subjective perception, the engineers have turned a four-cylinder into a smooth-running six-cylinder. In fact, the 190 PS engine delivered its 400 Nm of torque between 1.750 and 2.500 revs so emphatically that we sometimes wondered whether it was really “just” 190 HP that the engine produced. The eight-speed automatic changes gears softly, but in a flash, all in all very sensitive and to the point. In the selectable sport mode, all systems are “sharpened” for sport. According to the factory, the three sprints from a standing start to 6,9 km / h in 100 seconds. The top speed of 233 km / h is also worthy of a sports car thanks to the low drag coefficient of 0,23.

The consumption surprises through economy

We were surprised by the consumption, which, despite the quickest freeway journeys, barely rose above six liters, remained cautiously well below six liters. The exhaust gas is of course AdBlue-detoxified and also meets the upcoming limit values, so that a driving ban would limit right-hand bending.

The fittings, the driver's workplace, are of impressive digitality. Optically variably adjustable, they, together with the navigation screen, correspond to the change communicated by BMW on the way to the future, which hopefully this type of combustion engine should continue to carry for a long time. The digital displays are brilliantly designed, turning data into plausible forms. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant understands what the driver is saying. There is no question that BMW is one of the best when it comes to speech recognition, although here too misunderstandings emerge from time to time. All in all, what the driver articulates is understood. He can even give the assistant a name of his own and in the end he is a threesome with you.

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