The German auto industry is repeatedly defamed for oversleeping e-mobility

Visionary and start-up star: Elon Musk

If the Süddeutsche Zeitung mentions Elon Musk's intention to build a Tesla gigafactory in Brandenburg as a "humiliation" for the German manufacturers, it will completely ignore reality. It is again an expression of the addiction of many media and politicians to accuse the German auto industry of "oversleeping developments". This is nonsense and cannot withstand a fact check.

Is the construction of BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen factories in the USA a humiliation for the American auto industry? The strategy not only of German manufacturers to build cars where the markets are is not new and for BMW u.Co. a matter of course for decades. What the South Germans want to express is the subtle assumption that the German manufacturers actually did everything wrong, relied too late on e-mobility and preferred to sell heavy SUVs. This constant defamation is not made more true by repetitions. It's plain nonsense. The German manufacturers not only have e-mobiles on the market, but are also intensively developing other solutions such as synthetic fuels and the fuel cell.

Even a BMW board of directors is skeptical about customer e-acceptance

The fact that the German auto industry has registered the most patents for electromobility and autopiloted driving is mostly ignored in the reports. Regardless of whether e-mobility is a mass success or not, politicians and the autocritical media pretend that battery-powered cars are the last resort. Even a BMW board recently expressed skepticism about market acceptance.

Elon Musk knows why he wants to build factories and development departments in Brandenburg. He also thinks German cars are the best in the world, as he said in Berlin. See also awarding the Golden Steering Wheel in Berlin: Musk knows that he can poach the best engineers here. In Brandenburg, Tesla not only wants to enter the competition on the German market, but Tesla wants to further develop its brand with the help of German know-how.

  • Tesla has a clear deficit in "system integration";
  • Tesla primarily wants to learn from German engineers;
  • Tesla wants to learn PRODUCTION know-how in Germany;
  • With the help of German engineers, Tesla wants to improve its products (and thus make them competitive in the field of quality).

Tesla will therefore try to get as many engineers from Germany as possible on board (which will probably not be a problem - neither for Tesla nor for the German automotive industry - because plans to cut staff, especially at suppliers in Germany, are currently making headlines ...

We have to wait and see whether the Tesla factory will become a reality

However, with Musk's announcements, you have to wait and drink tea. The man shows ingenious structures. Anyone who has seen their rockets land softly back from space must admire their visionary abilities, especially since they always become reality. It is likely that he will implement his plan in Brandenburg. But not yet a reality.

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  1. Yes, exactly!
    Always the same with the subtle technology and auto-sensitivity of our writers.
    Unfortunately, this is also reflected in politics.
    But from today the Greens can also do business!

  2. So far, there is no report on the amount of subsidies that will go to Tesla.

    But why is Tesla moving to Germany? It could not have been the high electricity prices of the Germans. However, the rosy prospects of making a substantial profit from the CO2 emissions trade could have boosted Tesla's desire for Europe. Where else in the world are there such brazenly governed countries where you can earn money in this way? Tesla's CFO Zachary Kirkhorn once said, according to Bloomberg at an investor meeting, that certificate sales would "be a more significant part of Tesla's business" in the future.

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