Golden Steering Wheel 2019: Elon Musk announces gigafabrik in Brandenburg, moderator Schöneberger makes highly embarrassing jokes

The Bild Group has been awarding the Golden Steering Wheel for 37 years. 30 years ago, the event experienced the opening of the wall live. This time there was again a portion of automotive optimism, but also a lot of embarrassments that moderator Barbara Schöneberger served.

The golden steering wheel delights the automaker managers every year even when they go home at no cost. Because the event still celebrates the joy of automotive life that comes along carefree and is not disturbed by so-called environmental workers. Praise the car as part of our quality of life is seldom announced. Here in the Springer skyscraper you can celebrate without worrying, although the cloudiness on the horizon can be perceived subtly. Although the lay jury comes to polarizing results every year, it doesn't bother anyone. In contrast to the ADAC Yellow Angel, who died because of fraud, the golden steering wheel shows seriousness, which is particularly emphasized by the auto editors at Autobild.

If the Tesla wins in the middle class group (Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Tesla Model 3), it cannot be denied that it won so that Elon Musk comes to the party. The editorial team's convincing statement speaks against this. Musk then mumbled the evening's sensation that Tesla would build a mega-factory in Brandenburg. It was really a bang that should bring 10.000 jobs. Elon Musk hope that the airport is ready before the planned factory.

Ms. Schöneberger, what were your thoughts?

When Barbara Schöneberger joked about e-mobility: "We women are absolutely on your side, we have always been interested in high-performance, battery-operated devices", Mrs. Springer, who was present, should have been embarrassed. The lack of applause should have made it clear even to the moderator that there was a feeling of ashamedness for those present. The presenter also lacked sensitivity by reaffirming SUV prejudices, because it enables “the children to be driven to school on the sidewalk”. Satire is not allowed to do everything. And whether the question, "who has the lower values: the cars or the SPD" was allowed to go through as witty Kalauer, is an open question. And what, please, should the hint that sports cars are "The Sophia Thomalla among cars"? Fortunately, there were also interesting discussions.

Minister Scheuer subtly advocates technology openness

VW boss Diess thanked Elon Musk “for pushing us”, they shared a vision in terms of electromobility and Tesla had promoted the topic of e-mobility. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer complained flatly: "We are delighted that we position the negative topics better than the good ones in Germany." And he praised the auto industry for having contributed to the prosperity and now facing new challenges. Then the word fell on synthetic fuel, clean diesel, hydrogen and the necessary mobility management. With his subtle plea for technology openness, the minister even opposed the federal government, because the federal government has already decided, in terms of planning, that battery technology alone should promote the future and massively.

The organizers' decision was wise to no longer split the vehicles into electric cars and combustion engines. All vehicles had to prove themselves together, just as they have to prove themselves on the market. It is good that the Bild group has reanimated the golden steering wheel after it was suspended last year as part of the discussion about exhaust gas manipulation. Germany's auto industry has to come out of the defamatory polemic of auto critics. The golden steering wheel is a good step in this direction.

The winners

Winner in the small car category: Audi A1

Winner in the compact class: BMW 1 Series

Winner in the middle and upper class: Tesla Model 3

Small SUV winner: Mazda CX-30

Medium SUV winner: Jaguar I-Pac

Big SUV winner: Audi e-tron

Sports car winner: Toyota Supra

Most beautiful car of the year: BMW 8 Series

Best car under 25 euros: Skoda Kamiq

Best car under 35 euros: Kia XCeed

Innovation of the year: Michelin Uptis

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