Is this topic the end of the battery drive before it gets going?

The topic of the picture report from October 30th is likely to be a bigger problem for electromobility with batteries than missing charging stations, shortage of range or long charging times. "This first shot will have consequences," says a senior development engineer from a South German premium manufacturer. "And that wasn't the last shot."

"The report hit us like a bomb. Because it uncovered a problem that we somehow suppressed in our work, although every developer is familiar with it and weighs heavily on his soul. ”Whether cobalt in the Congo is promoted through unspeakable conditions through child labor or whether lithium extraction is the groundwater level in Chile's Atacama- Desert dramatically lowers: Battery production - also for our cell phones - or its raw materials has dramatic side effects that are anything but environmentally friendly.

The green call for e-mobility, the one-sided commitment to the battery car and politics are becoming more and more questionable when you look at these backgrounds realistically. The car manufacturers who rely on the battery drive, and that is almost all of them, have to ensure that the extraction of raw materials is carried out in a way that is radical for people and the environment. Otherwise, the critics of the combustion engine will open a new autocritical theater of war in a flash. The radical car haters will always and with any drive technology blow to individual mobility. I remember a discussion with a radical green populist about the fuel cell drive that only releases water vapor from the exhaust pipe: "If millions of cars let off steam, this will lead to increased cloud formation, which is bad for the climate."

So let's not kid ourselves: The opponents of the car will NEVER AND EVER befriend a technology that makes individual mobility possible.

It's not just the Greens and their apologists who come into schizophrenic waters when it comes to battery mobility. If the child labor and groundwater topic pops up more clearly, they will find it increasingly difficult to surf the wave of e-mobility. I am curious to see how the pressure to justify is breaking ground.

Our universal professor also makes clear what contradictory blossoms the climate hysteria is causing: Harald Lesch demands that the combustion engine be dispensed with, but vehemently blows away in his lectures on the electric car. Check it out here: or here, where he calculates in the end that electricity generation in Germany for electromobility is already overwhelmed with one million electric vehicles:

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