Golf the eighth: Digital goes classic

The leap into the digital world in the new Golf is a huge step for VW and a giant leap in terms of technology democratization. Anyone entering here has arrived in the world of switch-free user interfaces and fascinating approaches to artificial intelligence in automobiles.

The Golf is a classless classic that has always remained true to itself. He replaced the legendary Beetle, defined a new vehicle segment and even left social traces in the "Generation Golf". The Golf is undoubtedly an automotive legend. From generation to generation it became more modern, technically refined, but always remained recognizable as golf. So also in the eighth version, which, however, points more spectacularly than its predecessors towards the future.

In any case, I was enthusiastic about this digital landscape. Anyone who can operate a smartphone will quickly find their way around.

Proportions like a Golf - recognizability makes the Golf a design icon Photos: VW

When rumors arose in 2005 that Apple's new phone would no longer have buttons, hardly anyone could imagine how to do it. When there were no smartphones or touchscreens in their infancy, a switch or button seemed to be necessary for every function in an automobile. In the new eighth generation Golf, digitization is palpable and literally palpable. VW rightly speaks of a “display landscape”. Of course, there are similar interiors in other vehicles, but nowhere else is the leap into digitalization as clearly perceptible as in the new Golf.

To mention all digital details would go beyond this website. There can be no doubt that the new Golf 8 will continue the success of the 35 million Gölfe since 1974. We will soon be able to write here how this digital Golf drives. Definitely in the future.

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