Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt criticizes "climate hysteria", even though he himself is one of the 97 percent of scientists who are often cited as arguments

Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt

“The Chinese will do a hell of a lot to give up coal. According to the Paris Agreement, they are allowed to CO2- Increase emissions by the amount that Europe emits. This shows how excessive our debate has become. It will lead to poverty in the end. After all, the temperature has been falling since 2016, ”says environmental expert Fritz Vahrenholt in the Hamburger Abendblatt.

What always gets lost in the discussion when referring to the Paris climate agreement: that the Chinese are reducing their CO2-May even increase emissions significantly, while we are committed to a physico-chemical impossibility, a “climate neutrality”. Vahrenholt says: “The climate debate has become so hysterical that it drives politics ahead. But we have no climate emergency. "

"You no longer dare to express yourself differently."

Vahrenholt, who had signed the statement “Listen to the scientists - 500 researchers protest against the inciting of climate alarm”, was asked by the Hamburger Abendblatt why he signed it. This statement by the scientists considers it "cruel and unwise to advocate trillions based on the results of immature climate models". Vahrenholt comes to the conclusion in the interview: "You no longer dare to express yourself differently."

And further: “Anyone who makes people believe that life on earth will be endangered in a few years will drive people into fear and politics into mistakes. It is irresponsible. Stop scaring the children. "And further:" If Greta Thunberg's demands are implemented, prosperity and development will be massively endangered worldwide. "

"We have time until the end of the century"

The fact that the number of hungry people has halved, life expectancy has doubled and child mortality has been reduced is largely due to energy supply, transport and nutrition. If Thunberg accuses the politicians of killing, she overlooks these successes. Our addition: you should actually ask Greta how she dares to say such a thing.

Vahrenholt is convinced: “We have time until the end of the century. We (the group of 500 scientists, editor's note) do not deny climate change, of course there is a CO2-Effect. But the warming of the past 100 years also has natural causes. We come from a little ice age. Many climate models demonstrably show excessive warming. You cannot reproduce past fluctuations because they know only one factor: CO2.

It is overlooked or concealed that the green effect of CO2 have positive consequences. “We have to take note that the greenhouse gas promotes photosynthesis and the Sahel zone, for example, is becoming greener. Photosynthesis on Earth has increased by 20 percent in recent years. The leaves get bigger, but so do fruits and wheat grains. You can't hide that. Without CO2 would suffocate life on earth. "

The climate models have errors and inaccuracies

Vahrenholt refers to the errors identified in the IPCC's climate models and the disagreement between science: “A Chinese study comes to the conclusion that a cold period is imminent, but is being dampened by the greenhouse effect. Why isn't that debated? The supposed consensus is not a consensus. "

The often cited 97 percent of scientists are no argument for Vahrenholt. “I'm also 97 percent. This number refers to a little differentiated survey. Only a small minority consider climate change to be 100 percent human-made. ”

"The youth is driven crazy with horror news, we still have twelve years to go - and nobody is sober about it and corrects it. We have to cut emissions, but not commit economic suicide. What about climate models that neither the small ice age nor the medieval warm period - when it was about as warm as today - cannot reflect? ”

Vahrenholt's conclusion: “We don't have to jump off the cliffs. Society cannot afford to brake hard, it is not necessary. Braking is enough. "

Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt is a German politician (SPD), manager, scientist and author. He was environmental senator in Hamburg from 1991 to 1997, after which he went as a board member of companies in the renewable energy sector and has been the sole board member of the German Wildlife Foundation since 2012. In 1998 he was appointed honorary professor in the chemistry department of the University of Hamburg.

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