Audi Q3 Sportback 40 TDI quattro: The elegant icing on the cake of the series

SUV Coupé Q3 Sportback: design of the finest photos Audi

The SUV, which has been wrongly discredited by car critics, is not only becoming more and more popular with car buyers, but they are also characterized by formal impulses. Like the Audi Q3 Sportback.

Turning an SUV into a coupé is a high level of design art. With the new Audi Q3 Sportback, this is absolutely successful if we mentally distance ourselves from those times when a coupe was or had to be a flat two-door car.

There are many sports utility vehicles, but only a few meet the requirement of giving the often massive presence of an SUV the visual lightness that blends harmoniously into the urban environment. Audi has put exactly that on the big wheels with the new Q3 Sportback: an SUV with an aesthetic presence, plenty of space in the interior, great practicality and future-proof drive technology.

As an SUV coupe, the Q3 looks longer and more elegant

If you approach the new Audi, you will notice a lower roof line. In fact, the SUV coupe is just under three centimeters flatter than the Q3. The effect of this measure leaves the Sportback (4,50 meters) longer

Dynamic design language

appear. It is astonishing how little change in an overall structure is necessary to give a completely different impression. The Sportback stands broadly on the road, raises sporty-dynamic expectations, which is also underlined by the clear bulges above the wheels with the subtle reference to the quattro drive, even if it does not have to be installed. Compared to the Q3, the Sportback in our eyes is undoubtedly the more elegant vehicle.

Interior: Audi quality and ergonomics Photos: Audi

From the front, the octagonal single-frame grill signals typical Audi attributes, which with the black grille suggest an interesting three-dimensionality, which gives the face a striking and sporty unmistakability. We particularly like the contrasting parts, such as the rear view mirror and the voluminous trapezoidal air inlets under the headlights or the rim of the wheel arch. Like the face of the Sportback, the rear can also be described as very successful, although the black part under the trunk on the left and right appears a little unfinished. But that's just a matter of taste. Overall, the Q3 Sportback is again proof that Audi has become simple in terms of shape, which others are just trying to do: to become a design brand. There are certainly countervotes here too, but a confident, strong brand can treat itself to this level of polarization.

The surcharge list is open at the top like the Richter scale

As expected, the material quality of Audi in ergonomic perfection welcomes us inside. The cockpit offers high-tech digital technology, which is dominated by a 10,25-inch infotainment screen. We, like the virtual cockpit and new functions of the MMI system, which is delivered as standard without an additional MMI touch display

Q3 Sportback in Pulse orange: a real eye-catcher

but definitely recommend the additional MMI touch (475 euros), which offers a lot more options for operation. Amazon Alexa integration offers 80.000 functions; However, there was not enough time to test them on our Black Forest trip. It seems a bit confusing that the MMI navigation plus for 2.250 can also be found in the surcharge list. Good advice is required as to which extras have which functions and which are useful for the respective buyer. The relatively confusing additional packages only make one thing clear: that the base price of 34.400 euros for the 35 TFSI hand-operated front-wheel drive with 150 hp and 43.000 euros for the diesel only has a fictitious meaning. At the top, the price range is open like the Richter scale. If you want to equip this Q3 with everything that is state of the art in terms of technology, you get a “fully loaded” SUV with around 60.000 euros, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Also from behind: design successful

The upper base price for the 45 TFSI quattro with 230 PS is in the price list as S-Line with 47.000 euros. The Diesel 35 TDI with 150 PS and S tronic costs from 38.600 euros without quattro, the equally powerful hand switch with quattro drive costs exactly as much as the basic edition. So the customer has to decide whether he wants an automatic transmission or a manual quattro drive for the same price. This detail alone shows that buying a car online is actually impossible. Advice from a knowledgeable salesperson is becoming increasingly important because a wealth of hyper-complex options such as extras, system modules, equipment packages and electronic helpers simply cannot be selected from a price list alone.

The diesel refutes "fuel swallowing" slogans

During our test drive, we focused on the Q3 Sportback S line 40 TDI S tronic quattro with 190 hp, which according to the on-board computer claims to have consumed between 5,9 and 6,3 liters on our test drive. In view of the dynamics perceived on our test drive, this is a very reserved value and once again proof that the driver did it

An interesting detail: the flat downturn

shows greatest savings potential. Our consumption is certainly not really representative, as the route was too short for this. But it can already be seen here that the SUV “fuel swallowing” slogans are absolutely nonsense these days and not based on reality. It does not really need to be mentioned that the new diesel also complies with all limit values.

The sports suspension offers comfort and crispness

This diesel would certainly be our first choice when making a purchase, as we make no secret of our enthusiasm for diesel. The 2.0 TFSI petrol engine with 150 hp simply does not have the vehemence of the 2-liter turbo diesel from the speed cellar, which pushes with 400 Newton meters already from low engine speeds and should be able to reach 8,2 km / h in 100 seconds . The top speed is given as 217 km / h, which we have gladly avoided exploring on the beautiful Black Forest roads. Driving the Q3 40 TDI quattro is on the one hand reasonably comfortable, on the other hand it is pleasantly tight thanks to the standard sports suspension. The harmony between sportiness and casual rolling is to be confirmed.

This Audi Q3 Sportback is the icing on the cake of the Q3 series. A bit more elegant, somehow more socially acceptable and as a total package the right car right now.

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