How "man-made" climate change goes hand in hand with hypocrisy

At the beginning of August, a cover story in the central organ of the green elites and climate change heroes spoke about the "cruise madness" and its catastrophic consequences for the climate. The article, which was not written by the story inventor and counterfeiter Claas Relotius, lists everything that makes cruises actually worth prohibiting.

“Air pollution, exploitation, crowds of people” - The ships pollute the air and oceans, even remote coastal cities are overrun by crusaders. Who pays the price for the supposed dream vacation? ”Says the opening credits. Five Spiegel journalists compiled and listed how much cruises contribute to climate change.

That is pure hypocrisy

More hypocrisy and contradiction is actually not possible if the mirror promptly offers in a brochure in the booklet "Dream cruises for our readers". With the ASTOR and VASCO DA GAMA, readers are to set sail between April and September 2020 and have a “modern ambience, excellent passenger-space ratio with max. Enjoy 1150 guests and German on board.

About ASTOR it says: "Small and fine with max. 570 guests on board, family atmosphere, maritime elegance from bow to stern, German on board. The mirror display therefore lists exactly what makes cruises so fascinating and desirable for hundreds of thousands. How does it work: on the one hand condemning crusaders and cruises, on the other hand inviting them to revitalize their own business?

Der Spiegel puts business interests above "climate protection"

I do not know if this contradiction and so much hypocrisy has been noticed by the readers. But shouldn't such a climate-sensitive editorial office go on the barricades if such a reader trip is advertised, against which the Spiegel wrote massively shortly before? Nobody should come to me now that the editorship and the publisher are completely separate, that is, the publisher has no influence on the journalistic content and, conversely, the editors have no influence on reader trips organized by the publisher.

A cognitive dissonance arises for the reader if contradictions are not processed in his head and are only perceived subtly. The subconscious guilty conscience shouldn't keep him from going on a cruise. But the Spiegel editorial team should be blushed because their communicative behavior is merciless hypocrisy, which may well be reminiscent of Relotius. If Spiegel as a publisher also accuses others of placing business interests above “responsibility for the climate”, it has to submit to these rules itself, right?



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  1. Absolutely correct to pillory the SPIEGEL ... On the other hand, hypocrisy is nowadays part of good form ...

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