"The time of private cars in cities is over"

What the panorama presenter Anja Reschke announces with malicious smile at the IAA publicly, is the left green ideological perspective and drama that is rampant these days and cannot be beaten. The IAA 2019, according to the journalist, is "the last thing to grow in this dying industry". And further: "The time of private cars in cities is over."

A fatal development of public discourse: the car critics of the nineties became opponents of the car who now behave as militant car haters. Car hatred is so culminated that it can make you scared. No talk show with mostly autocritical participants who would not draw the conclusion that the individual mobility with the AutoMOBIL has come to an end, but at least is a reason to have a guilty conscience. Car shame is the order of the day.

A highlight of anti-car argumentation beyond the facts: the last hard-but-fair talk show, in which a young activist insisted that electric cars are also pointless because they also promote traffic jams. Apart from the fact that she kept on showing her nursery with her in-between speeches, but didn't bring anything meaningful into the discussion, her empty arguments were essentially completely meaningless. An imposition for the Federal Minister of Economics, Altmaier, to allow himself to be demonstrated by a cheeky but unsuspecting brat. Attempts by moderator Frank Plasberg to channel emotions in constructive ways failed.

Is the majority of citizens against the car?

So if I mix all the programs of the past few weeks, I have the feeling that the majority of Germans have to be against the car. With 47 million registered vehicles in Germany this is actually impossible. But even otherwise car-friendly, yes car-enthusiastic media join the hypocritical choir, which intones the song about the climate catastrophe and demands "that something must finally happen now".

Car magazines, which are still enthusiastic about PS giants to this day, suddenly remind "reason", "because we owe it to the climate". I have never heard and read so much hypocritical bullshit from the car opponents as I did these days. And the worst thing about it: That even the car managers indulge in a kind of appeasement policy, which may be perceived as pandering. It is a mistake to think that car haters can be appeased. As a consequence, they want all cars to disappear from the street, whether powered by electric or internal combustion engines.

Despite all criticism, people love the car

No question: it won't happen. The current excitement and criticism will in no way lead to massive restrictions on individual mobility. This would only be possible in a dictatorship. It cannot be ruled out that the heated mood will have consequences for the IAA. The resignation of VDA President Bernhard Mattes is certainly the first signal for an end to the IAA. You have to understand Matt's understanding. Who wants to be made a waddle man in the industry, pretty much left alone by politics. It doesn't help that the Chancellor stops by at the IAA.

It is noteworthy that VW CEO Herbert Diess at Maybrit Illner, with the best intentions to promote VW electromobility, is taking up the discussion with a radical activist who denigrates the auto industry as "highly criminal". His arguments bounced off a drooling "Tina Velo" like raindrops on the new car paint. The lady thinks cars of whatever drive are "completely superfluous". It doesn't matter whether you're stuck in a traffic jam with a diesel or an electric motor.

Politicians duck away with thin phrases

And politicians are reluctant to emphasize how important the automotive industry is for Germany. Then there is appeasing, softened arguments are presented in a kind of endless loop, referring to the fact that the climate goals are sacrosanct and will certainly be met. In fact, support for drivers can only be seen by the party that is described as not socially acceptable: the AfD. The FDP also sometimes remembers its market economy past and quietly revolted against the anti-car trend. Looking at the published opinion as a whole, the majority seems to be against automobile individuality. It's just strange that the majority of them drive cars, people buy SUVs and cars like crazy and only a few let themselves be made to do without them.



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