The "environmental aid" association is unscrupulous and pious

Somehow it's unbelievable: The environmental aid association is instrumentalizing the tragic accident with four deaths in Berlin-Mitte for a polemic anti-SUV campaign.

The message on Twitter leaves speechless and stunned. So the so-called German "environmental aid", an association with less than 300 selected members, practically demands an SUV sales stop. Without knowing the exact causes of the accident, the club writes on Twitter: “SUVs have no business in our cities! 4 dead, including a toddler, are the result of a terrible speed accident with a Porsche SUV in Berlin. "

The terrible death of the four people is terrible. Nobody doubts that. It is as terrible as the accident in which a few days ago four motorcyclists were killed who had sought protection from a downpour on the A9 under a bridge. A skidding van literally mowed the motorcyclists.

Environmentalists also criticize the "DUH" association

As absurd as a ban on SUVs can be demanded in this context, it would be as absurd to want to ban vans.

To speak of a speeding accident in Berlin in anticipation of police findings is more than a dishonest conclusion. The association relentlessly relies on emotions to bring its own ideological ideas to bear. But the "environmental workers" did not expect to be criticized by environmentalists themselves. Shortly after the association's tweet, 1400 replies were online. Many criticized the club's tweet as tasteless. "Wherever grief is in order, political and polemical demands are completely out of place," says one critic.

Green Mayor jumps on the train

The green district mayor Stephan von Dassel also took advantage of the discussion and jumped on the bandwagon of SUV critics: “Such tank-like cars do not belong in the city. They are climate killers, threatening even without an accident, every driving mistake becomes a mortal danger for innocent people. ”Of course, the man cannot know that the Porsche Macan is anything but a tank. And of course the term “climate killer” should not be missing from his statement.

And from the “Umwelthilfe” association come such absurd demands as: “DUH calls for the end of the combustion engine by 2025 and calls on consumers to 'burn burners' fast'.” The DUH eV doesn't just want us to put the brakes on when we eat meat, now also “burner fasting”. Are you crazy???


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