Golf 1,5 TSI Highline: You don't (actually) need more car

Although the Golf VIII will be launched next year, we took a closer look at the current Golf with its 1,5 liter engine and 150 hp. And we find that the most classless of all cars now appears so sophisticated in every detail that it doesn't actually need a new edition.

Of course, this is completely nonsense in terms of corporate and development policy. The better is the enemy of the good. No car manufacturer can do without the further development of its models, which usually leads to a better product. At least it should lead. But it takes a lot of imagination to imagine improvements in the current Golf as we drove it. You don't need more car (actually). However, the vehicle we tested appears to be so perfect because the vehicle base price with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission of 29.950 euros has added a lot of extras that make the test car 43.630 euros expensive. These more than 13.000 euros in options make this Golf so round, not to say perfect, that there is nothing left that you could miss. In addition: after all, this Golf VII was only face lifted three years ago.

The Golf has always remained a Golf after every model change

And the model policy of golf in recent years has never brought big design leaps. The distinctions from golf to golf were mostly only recognizable if you could look at their predecessors and successors side by side. The fact that this strategy was successful because the customers never looked old even with the predecessor has made the Golf a formally sustainable car. Not following fashionable trends, formal durability has become a quality feature. From model to model change, the Golf has always remained a Golf externally, while progress has mainly taken place under the sheet metal cladding. It should be the same this time when the Golf VIII takes over next year.

The surcharge list is long and expensive

Ergonomic and digital: the cockpit Photos: Volkwagen

One could say a customer falls in love with a Golf every 40 seconds. In fact, a Golf rolls off the assembly line in this short period of time. Since 1974, more than 33 million “Gölfe” have come onto the market. The Golf has dominated the compact class since the XNUMXs and gave it its name. The ultimate classless car is in the garage for the rich and the poor as well as for the less wealthy, who, however - see above - need to take a deep breath in view of the extra charge options. Nevertheless, we call the Golf in its all-round qualities quite inexpensive, in other words: it is worth the price. However, it doesn't have to be every extra that we were allowed to enjoy in our test car.

The engine is well on the gas, the DSG gearbox is sometimes a bit rough

The fact that our test car is so practical, practical and all-round is thanks to its high-torque (250 Newton meters) 1,5-liter engine on the one hand, the dual clutch gearbox and last but not least a harmonious suspension setup. The precise steering must not go unmentioned.

The engine is good on the gas, the turbo lag is negligible, the chassis is the compromise between sporty and comfortable design that makes the Golf so unobtrusively pleasant or pleasantly unobtrusive. His long-distance quality complements his agility and agility in city traffic, he loves the winding country road as well as the free run on the highway. If you push the car dynamically, you can go up to 8,3 km / h and up to 100 km / h in 216 seconds. However, this costs significantly more fuel than at an average speed between 130 and 160 km / h. We drove the Golf up to an average consumption of 9,8 liters, but with the accelerator pedal constantly felt. On average, based on reasonable everyday use, we recorded an average consumption of between six and seven liters. That is quite appropriate.

The golf design is sustainable in the best sense

We would call the adaptive chassis control DCC (surcharge 1.100 euros) worthwhile, which offers the driver various damper modes. In the sport mode, the steering characteristic curve is also changed and the vehicle is noticeably firmer. Basically, we would like to see an even clearer distinction between the Sport and Comfort settings. Here, we are convinced that the engineers searched too hard for the compromise between comfort and sports design. You have to be very sensitive to feel the differences. But they are there, no question.

The Navisystem Discover Pro seems expensive to us for 2.435 euros. It works great and fast, but the cheaper Discover Media navigation system does it too. As with all gesture systems available on the market, gesture control in the Pro is superfluous. We are convinced that gesture systems may disappear completely from the market. It looks a little ridiculous to wave your hand in front of the screen without really being in control. The touchscreens have become so sensitive that pressure on a point or swiping on the screen is more reliable than any hand movement. In our eyes, the fact that the cheaper media system still has buttons for the volume is an advantage even for people who are still attached to the volume control knob.

The sound system brings the concert hall into the car

We really enjoyed the 680 euro “Dynaudio Excite” sound system with a digital 10-channel amplifier, subwoofer, eight speakers and 400 watts total power. Whether rock, pop or classical: the sound experience brings the concert hall into the car. Indispensable for us is the rear view camera "Rear View" for 295 euros, the driver assistance system "Plus" with traffic sign recognition, automatic low beam, traffic jam assistant, lane departure warning and other features. Relaxed rolling away with the automatic distance control "ACC" is simply an indispensable detail that makes driving safer. And assistance systems should ultimately be geared towards greater security.

Conclusion: All in all, this Golf has completely convinced us. Although the next Golf is practically at the door, the Golf VII is still up to date. Its all-round qualities impress functionally and in terms of everyday suitability. You can travel quickly, travel comfortably long distances and enjoy digitality at a high level. However, every customer can and must decide whether to park automatically, gesture to operate the radio or need digital radio reception (245 euros) and want to have many of the other options.

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