The "environmental aid" association criticizes the model policy of the manufacturers

Environmental aidJürgen Resch from the "Environmental Aid Association DUH / Photo 'Robert Lehmann

Jürgen Resch from the warning association "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" eV is once again pushing himself into the public with critical comments on automobility. That he criticizes the auto industry for building the wrong car models hits the wrong people. Actually, he should criticize the consumers he claims to be protecting, the customers. But he doesn't dare.

Telling car buyers that they should buy other cars would make the intention and strategy of green environmental ideologues all too clear. Namely, that the "consumer advocates" are all about putting pressure on the car industry to renounce the "SUV craze". But however the lobby and auto opponent lobby may be, customers continue to prefer to buy diesel and SUV and, above all, what they want. And that's a good thing, should stay that way and must be respected. The car buyers do not want to go back to the “GDR” model compulsory delight when there were only two-stroke Trabis and Wartburgs that had to be waited for 15 years. A variety of models is the order of the day, not SUV bans or ideologically determined consumer behavior.

The association is also supported by tax money

Although I don't think the environmental protection of Resch's mini club is good, something completely different is even worse: that politicians, judges and some car managers are impressed by Resch's mirror fencing and that the auto opponents club is also supported with tax money. One should let the club, whose name makes me nauseated, run into nothing. The name "German environmental aid" is at least as mendacious as the term "German Democratic Republic" once was.

To accuse the auto industry of being “lagging behind” internationally must be understood realistically. Because the German auto industry is so "backward", its global success can only be fiction. Man, how can you say such a crude bullshit in judging the auto industry? Resch calls the model policy of the manufacturers an "industrial policy disaster". The federal government must force industry to take a “radical cure” towards electromobility. The “environmental workers” also know that this is not possible at all without violating our social consensus and legal principles. The range of models of battery-electric vehicles is now so extensive that e-fans can and should have a choice in this segment too. State-controlled consumption in the direction of e-mobility is in any case not a means of making car manufacturers more successful.

The auto industry will push e-mobility at the IAA

Now Resch has once again managed to force the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) to comment. One should actually meet Resch with a loud silence. But of course that is not possible. "Every second electric car that was newly registered in Germany in the first seven months bears a German group trademark," the VDA argues against the argument. By 2023, German manufacturers would quintuple their e-model range to over 150, which will also be seen at the IAA in Frankfurt in a few weeks. And the fact that CO2 emissions in the SUV segment have been reduced by 35 percent in recent years is proof of the environmentally conscious ability of the German automotive industry to innovate.

The consumer protection association "Environmental Aid" will not be impressed by this, but will continue to spread its anti-car ideology. We can only hope that car buyers will not be impressed by this in the future, but buy the car that corresponds to their budget, their wishes and their convictions. And in future, SUVs and low-emission and economical combustion engines will continue to be at the top of the wish list.

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