Guest contribution by UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | e. V. What do the Germans have from a CO2 tax?

German motorists have always been the nation's milking cow. What do you get from your taxes and duties? Broken roads, dilapidated bridges, traffic jams without end but an almost complete monitoring of their behavior in road traffic. Cash is also paid here in the name of traffic safety.

With a CO2Tax will also be put into your wallet considerably, but the climate will remain unaffected. Shutting down nuclear energy has a much greater negative impact on the climate than car traffic. Although a CO2Tax has practically no impact on the environment, it has been written more or less "trendy". Evidence that a CO2Tax for Germany could reduce global warming, but has so far been owed.

No matter how much CO2 We pay tax, we will not be able to prevent the rainforest from continuing to be cut down massively and that countries such as China and India will contribute to the steady expansion of carbon dioxide emissions, where tens of new coal-fired power plants go online every month.

Contrary to the propaganda for the CO2 Tax that the citizen will hardly be financially burdened and rewarded with appropriate "good behavior" with premiums is to be feared that, as with the energy transition, small incomes have to bear the main burden.

The energy turnaround has given us the highest electricity prices in Europe and confronted us with growing energy poverty. The CO2- Taxes, whether unconstitutional or not, will come - perhaps under a different name - in any case.

"With a CO2- Tax will create significant social upheavals, the political, economic and social effects of which will be significant, ”says Horst Roosen, board member of the UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | e. V.

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