The crazy warning club "Environmental Aid" calls for pre-arrest for Greens Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann

The DUH demonstrated in front of the administrative court in Leipzig Photo: DUH / C. Lehmann

One thing you have to let the German Environmental Aid Association do: it always knows how to get Germany excited by the media. The latest demand, however, crowns the barrel in the face. All of a green prime minister and his CDU interior minister Strobl are to be put into custody because they do not - zag-zack - implement the demands of the club to also ban driving on Euro 5 diesel.

However, it is unfortunately the case that the “environmental workers” know the law on their side and, with the help of German courts, are allowed to stretch it to the point of absurdity. The judges can not be criticized (with a few exceptions), because they adhere to legal requirements, which were often formulated ideologically and arbitrarily, but must be legally respected.

However, the judges can be accused of seeming to ignore their discretion. And some show in their judgments that they are not averse to left-wing ideology. Some judges can therefore also be trusted that they cannot resist a demand for a custody order and that they will get close to enforcement. Our constitutional state, which has fallen out of joint in terms of climate change and environmental hysteria, adheres to the motto from car advertising: nothing is impossible.

Even Green Leader Baerbock criticizes environmental aid

However, the environmental aid association has not only made friends with the jail demand. Even the leader of the Greens (half-heartedly) questions her. In a world interview, Annalena Baerbock admits: “I really appreciate the work of Deutsche Umwelthilfe, but this threat is off the beaten track. And it doesn't help. "

Few discuss factually and factually

Crazy: There are others too, for example the television stations, in which the word of the imminent climate change or even the "climate catastrophe" is conjured up thousands of times a day. Even in a guide for dog owners there is a warning about the upcoming "climate catastrophe", which the ecopopulists claim has arrived long ago. I rarely read, hear or see a factual discussion of climate change. Here, however:

And here too:

In this article, several scientists oppose the blindly blamed blaming of so-called "climate deniers" and point to substantial doubts about man-made climate change.

The leadership elite is too willing to submit to the climate religion

The bad thing is that our management elite - politicians and top managers in industry - are all too obviously embarrassed by the noisy Fridays for future movement. This commitment from children and adolescents can be found absolutely well, but the implementation of their excessive demands can only be based on a democratic majority. Green boss Habeck has made it clear that a necessary, democratic process does not seem to be common good, as he frankly admits that Chinese government without democratic hurdles is desirable. Many of the eco-populists see measures to prevent the climate catastrophe as a kind of overarching emergency, in which the good cause justifies all means, including coercive measures.

“Battery cars will reach a maximum of 20 percent market share”

When asked a few weeks ago by an active board member from the automotive industry, why he submitted to climate hysteria and the Greta-Thunberg religion: "If we didn't do that, we would be lynched by the media." He does not believe that these Electromobility with batteries will achieve a market share of more than 20 percent. "The fuel cell and synthetic fuels will win in the end," he is convinced. Nevertheless, he propagates e-mobility with batteries.

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