Pissed: Shitstorm for Mercedes-Benz

Anyone who is responsible for this PR Twitter faux pas at Mercedes-Benz can be sorry. Either he wanted to fight against the widespread climate hysteria with a satirical Rittberger or he comes from a different universe, where humor can still be communicated relaxed and politically incorrect.

In this case, Shit-Storm is an understatement, which is sprinkled on the PR department at Mercedes-Benz. "It's already a tsunami that we caught there," says a PR employee.

What happened? On Twitter, the company commented on an AMG SUV with the sentence in English: "If this summer wasn't warm enough, the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 4matic will heat things up even more with its red paint." Violent protests came within a short time. In the meantime the company has apologized: “Guys, that was really wrong. We sincerely apologize. ”

There writes among other things "grease finch": "I miss the words. I just don't have the shitty words. If it's not that bad for my CO2Would be a balance, I would just like to light the hut for you. My face, how can you drive our planet against the wall with such an insensitive grin with an erection ?! "

Another says: “2 tons of steel to move 80 kg of people. No, it's not engineering, it's oversleeping innovations. "

Former tech blogger and Sascha Pallenberg, who works for Daimler as "Head of Digital Transformation", is trying to save what can no longer be saved: "I can feel the excitement of the insensitive tweet that puts a combustion engine in the context of a" hot summer " grabs, fully understand! #Daimler is going through the biggest transformation in the company's history and this includes, among other things, electrifying the entire portfolio. We are talking about 2022 EVs by 10, plus over half a dozen fully electric commercial vehicles, vans and vans. We are building a network of eight battery factories worldwide and are investing heavily in mobility services, ”writes Pallenberg.

“Why do you advertise a technology that you definitely classify as obsolete. That is a contradiction. Perhaps not all employees in the company want the “transformation”. #changecommunicationWrites another. Pallenberg replies: “This is also a legitimate throw-in and that is how it may appear. Without the production of ICEs and the sale of high-priced models, the necessary investments cannot be made. "

"So full throttle in the climate downfall? It doesn't seem very convincing to me. But it's great that you answer so substantively! ”Writes another. With the tweet, the Daimler PR department has certainly startled competitors who have never had such faux pas. At Daimler it is twice. The last time it was a promotional praise for the Dalai Lama, described as an enemy in China. Dieter Zetsche had to do the chewing at the highest point to avoid deeper consequences for the brand with the star.

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