Climate change discussion: The C02 tax works like the indulgence trade in the Middle Ages

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Anyone who believes that a "climate protection tax" "saves" the climate also believes that the trade in indulgences led to fewer sinners in the 16th century. While the policy on a C02- Tax disputes, the most absurd proposals regarding climate hysteria come to the surface of a public that is close to a heat collapse.

The warm summer is wind for the mills of the climate ideologists who believe that the heat records already indicate the end of humanity on the horizon. No news program, no talk show, no sermon without reference to “the challenge of climate change”. But anyone who thinks that climate hysteria would have reached a peak should be wrong. On the contrary: it increases in increasingly absurd demands.

In New Germany, a commentator gets excited with the absurd demand against dog owners: "Let's get rid of the dogs", because man's best friend promotes climate change ( “Because they eat meat and thus contribute to the emission of carbon dioxide. The life cycle assessment of a dog corresponds to an annual driving distance of 3700 kilometers, that of a cat 1400 kilometers per year. ”What I initially thought to be satire when I read it is obviously the author's serious opinion. The only thing missing is the call to us citizens to commit suicide, the best way to get our individual C02- eliminate footprint.

The climate change opinion terror knows no borders. The “Professor of Plural Economics” Niko Paech at the University of Siegen demands a kind of “eco-Stasi” (picture). People should approach climate sinners and ask them critical questions about their C02- Push behavior into the moral corner. Since radical climate policy cannot be enforced by a majority, climate sinners must be put under moral pressure. "Fridays for Future" is very nice and would put pressure on politicians, but now a "next stage of development is necessary".

Should democracy be sacrificed to “climate protection”?

I feel cold when I hear the nightingale trapeze and suspect what this would amount to: "People have to discuss and criticize each other again, sometimes even start a quarrel in such a way that I say to my neighbor: Listen, why did you book a cruise, who gives you the right to drive an SUV, why do you have to go on a ski vacation by plane? It has to be in families, it has to be in schools, it has to be a topic in all public institutions, in all conversations, in all taverns. ”When do we reintroduce the block attendant, who controls our automotive behavior and reports it if it fails? When do we have to register and approve the vacation trip by plane?

A C02The professor considers tax at the proposed level to be insufficient. "Such a CO2 tax, if it were effective, would make us mad for vacation flights, meat consumption, living space, driving and excessive consumption." What kind of world will we have if such ideologues prevail ?? The professor is also unable to win the call for more housing because every built-up area promotes climate change.

If then the Green Party leader Robert Habeck also considers Chinese governance without democratic processes to be good for Germany, when the ARD capital correspondent Kristin Joachim says in a comment: “People simply don't work through voluntary action. He wants to be forced, ”then you shouldn't be surprised that a public broadcaster broadcasts such socio-political nonsense. Rather, one has to fear that left-green circles with their hypermoral ideas endanger democracy.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung resists the German mainstream

It is good to read something else in the foreign press. In the Neue Zürcher Zeitung one regularly wonders why Germany protests so vehemently against any individual mobility and why the climate issue is exaggerated. Whether climate hysteria or diesel criticism, the Swiss hold the German Mainstream always in front of the mirror. The NZZ asks: “Enjoy self-destruction instead of driving? In Germany, a hunt is underway against its own top industry, which would hardly be possible in almost any other country. In the discussion about manipulation of exhaust gas values, the advantages and disadvantages of diesel technology and possible driving bans, every measure and reason has long been lost. One might think that politics and the media have set out to damage the automotive industry as seriously as possible. ”

One could not only mean it, but evaluate it as a fact. Today comes the news that the association Deutsche Umwelthilfe criticizes the exhaust gases from lawnmowers and wants to take a closer look. It may not be long before the garden owners are warned not to mow. Let's wait and see.

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  1. Rolf Nieborg | 25. July 2019 21 to: 04 | Reply

    There are really terrifying, undemocratic scenarios emerging ...

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