Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi: also a real sports car as a diesel

Considered many times with design and other prices, the Kia Stinger is still an exotic on our streets. The Korean Gran Turismo is not only an eye-catcher, it also signals sophisticated individuality.

Its sporty design is not fake, but absolutely authentic. The elegant four-door is a sports coupe of the purest water, a Gran Turismo like from the car quartet. Formally successful, provided with sporty details that set clear accents without being pretentious. Kia undoubtedly delivered a masterpiece of design in the Stinger. It may be because the Korean brand molds in the in-house design center in Frankfurt, in any case the formal charisma of the Stinger hits the center of good taste.

At least that's the way the jury of the renowned iF International Forum Design in Hanover sees it. The fact that the award ceremony took place at BMW Welt in Munich proves that Kia has made it into the top league of design brands. The vehicle, which was presented as a study by the old design master Peter Schreyer, ex-Volkswagen chief designer, as early as 2011, also shows in the series all the attributes of the racing car category suitable for race tracks, which are made for long trips with dynamic forward thrust.

Kia design from Frankfurt

European design director Gregory Guillaume summarized the design philosophy as follows: “With a real Gran Turismo, a car for spirited driving on long journeys, performance, dynamics and styling must not be implemented so uncompromisingly that luxury, comfort and grace are neglected “Explains Guillaume. “The Kia Stinger is not about being the first to reach your goal, but rather enjoying driving. This is about passion. "

Successful design of a four-door Gran Turismo

We deliberately turned to diesel in our test because the contradiction between sports car and diesel somehow seemed particularly appealing to us. Our curiosity was rewarded because the four-cylinder turbodiesel with 2,2 liters of displacement, 200 hp and a maximum torque of 440 Newton meters surprises firstly with temperament and secondly with low consumption. In view of the driving performance, we consider the average 6,2 to 8,3 liters we experience in everyday life with mixed speeds, many full throttle elements as more than adequate. Speaking of driving performance: 7,6 seconds at 100 km / h and 230 km / h top speed are definitely worthy of a sports car. It goes without saying that thanks to the SCR system (with an 18-liter urea tank!) The engine complies with the latest Euro standard 6d-Temp. The fact that the Stinger is the first Kia with rear-wheel drive (it is also available as an all-wheel drive) makes it even sportier, especially since it can be deliberately overdriven.

Tidy and ergonomically placed: the fittings Photos: Kia

The shifting character of the eight-speed automatic transmission can be varied in five modes. For our taste, the modes could have bigger differences. We drove most of the time in the Comfort program and always felt comfortable with it. The Stinger hangs well on the gas, the steering ensures precise steering behavior and the Stinger masters quick changes of direction without overwhelming the driver. On poor country roads, the chassis shows a sporty design without being rough. Nobody expects the comfort of a palanquin in a sports car.

The material impression is of high quality

Driving in general: the driver's workplace leaves nothing to be desired. The spacious interior is ergonomically designed, the fittings in the classic design provide information very efficiently, the large navigation display or the navigation system is probably one of the best on the market. Easy to use and, thanks to traffic sign recognition and traffic jam information, a valuable aid that you can no longer do without today. At first glance, the steering wheel with numerous buttons and switches appears overloaded. However, you quickly get used to the individual functions and master the keyboard of the functional and functional possibilities within a short time. In addition, there are valuable materials that are not only good to look at, but also feel pleasant. Kia has also recognized the importance of haptic emotion.

A real sports car from the side too

The base price of 44.490 euros can be increased by extras, but basically everything is included as standard. Even the radar-based distance system and the head-up display. We recommend two additional packages that together cost 5.000 euros. Then everything is offered that is so desired today. From the inductive charging station for the mobile phone to the all-round view camera, from the adaptive chassis to the Harman / Kardon sound system with 15 speakers, to name just a few examples. Our test car was equipped with the exclusive package for 2.600 euros.

Conclusion: As a Kia top model, the Stinger is an offer with a very good price-performance ratio. 5 stars in the Euro NCAP test, seven airbags, front collision warning with brake intervention and pedestrian detection, active lane departure warning and the fatigue warning offer high-level safety features. The 7-year guarantee promise is certainly at the highest level. Standard.

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