Guest contribution by Holger Douglas on the CO2 tax: The air should be taxed

A book that leads the climate religion to absurdity

Climate alarmism has now taken on religious features. And since, as with any religion, you only have to repeat everything often enough for people to believe it, the same nonsense has been roaring over our beautiful planet for years. Three-year-olds are shouting like Tibetan prayer wheels: "We want to have CO2!"

Now the time has come for Green Politics to cash in. The air should be taxed!

This jackpot is called CO tax. A tax that does not bring any real benefit to the environment becomes a real challenge for every taxpayer. Do taxpayers really want to spend money on a problem that doesn't exist at all?

Can you actually sell voters a “political belief” that claims to be science? The real national threat does not come from CO2, but from the propagandists of fear of the man-made climate catastrophe. No one seriously believes that trying to control the weather of the future could ever succeed.

A huge new bureaucracy and a surveillance system are needed to calculate the CO2 scam and collect the money. Socialists, Union and Greens continue to plunder and attack the little ones. Above all, skilled workers and commuters should be asked to checkout, they still have something to buy, they are particularly affected by higher gasoline prices.

“What is being done here in Germany in the name of climate change has little to do with democracy. It is worse than socialism, which has failed repeatedly worldwide in the past 100 years. With a federal minister for the environment, Svenja Schulze, the SPD is on the direct path below the five percent mark, fears Horst Roosen, board member of the UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV

Anyone looking for answers

that should be the book by Holger Douglas "At full throttle against nature" Read "How environmental protection becomes an eco-delusion". The book exposes much of the dizziness that hits us every day and for which we have become receptive. "The 36 chapters of this exciting and fluidly readable book hide tangible surprises," says Horst Roosen, board member of the UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV You really don't put it down from the first to the last page!

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"The Diesel Lie" and "At full throttle against nature"

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