BMW development chief Klaus Fröhlich: Customers in Europe don't want electric cars!

BMW development chief Klaus Fröhlich

That a BMW board of directors contradicts the company's own product strategy has schizophrenic undertones. However, Klaus Fröhlich only speaks what engineers have been saying for a long time at ALL car manufacturers: Nobody really believes in the battery-powered electric car. "Above all, the customers don't believe in it," is heard. Range, charging time and infrastructure remain the biggest hurdles.

It cannot be assumed that the BMW board of directors could have leaned too far out of the window at a BMW event. The fact that he is now backpedaling publicly is probably due to the fact that he was subjected to harsh criticism in the four-cylinder. After all, Fröhlich contradicted the official e-strategy of the company with striking honesty.

Zoff programmed in the BMW four-cylinder

How can it be that BMW CEO Harald Krüger postulates a leading role in e-mobility on the one hand, and his development board actually puts the opposite into the world. Since it should have rattled properly in the four-cylinder. "BMW development chief tries to limit damage," it said a day later in the world.

"We are developing the electric car to meet the legal requirements of politics," said Fröhlich at the BMW event in Munich. Now he says that he was quoted from the context. However, English-speaking journalists have confirmed to us that Fröhlich expressed his e-skepticism very clearly.

The battery-powered electric drive makes no sense in relation to CO2still to conserve resources. And the majority of customers simply didn't want battery cars. Nobody really knows whether it should still be called.

The market doesn't (yet?) Want electric cars

Participants at the event were "really shocked" to hear that there was virtually no demand for electric cars with batteries in Europe, reports one participant. "And of all places at a BMW event, a company that was the most consistent with the i3 and i8 at the beginning." It was regrettable that BMW's enthusiasm for electronics had declined, but it was due to market behavior.

Klaus Fröhlich thus confirms the view of many experts that electric cars are only developed and built for "regulatory reasons". The limit values ​​for fleet consumption enforced by the EU can only be achieved with a large electrical component in the fleet. The development board also sees that politics completely ignores customer behavior: "We could supply everyone with an electrified vehicle, but nobody will buy it!" Said Fröhlich at the event. "We pushed these cars into the market without the customer asking for them."

Fröhlich believes it is possible that electric cars could become even more expensive if more and more batteries were used and they became scarce. The electrification is "overhyped," said Fröhlich. The fact that batteries will be able to use rare earths in the future could dampen this price increase, but not compensate for it.

The UTR association criticizes green patronage

According to the association UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | German automakers did not focus enough on customer requirements, but had to submit to impending limit values ​​that would add a further 2030 percent CO by 37,52- Prescribe a reduction. UTR board member Horst Roosen writes: “The range of electric cars sounds good in the car brochure. In practice, on the other hand, there is a fear of stranding somewhere in the pampas and not finding a charging station. So what? Run with the canister and get electricity? Even if a charging station is found, the problem has not yet been solved. Do I have the compatible plug for this charging station? Do I have the right card to pay with? Where is the charge for the charging process?

This scenario shows the reality in the new Green Socialism. The Greens' index finger policy is forcing car buyers into cars that don't want them at all. The green apocalypse of climate change is a threat to human freedom. If citizens continue to dictate this green policy, our auto industry and with it many jobs will rapidly continue a downward trend that has already started, ”fears Roosen.

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