Toyota Corolla: old name new technology

(Auto) names are obviously not smoke and mirrors. In any case, the name Toyota Corolla has a very good sound. Its name stands for reliability and economy worldwide. The best-selling car in the world now appears with the old name, but with completely new hybrid technology. The name Auris will soon be forgotten.

The Corolla (of Corolla, although the name sounds so feminine) the bread and butter car of the Japanese par excellence. In the USA in particular, it has been one of the most popular cars in its segment since its introduction.

The now twelfth generation of Corolla should attack in the highly competitive C-segment. Chances are good to continue the Corolla success story. A 1,2-liter turbo petrol engine with 114 hp and hybrid drives with 1,8 liter and 2,0 liter displacement and 122 and 180 hp are available to choose from. There are no longer any diesel versions of the new Corolla. For our test drives, we selected the three model variants - hatchback, touring sports and sedan - the touring sports hybrid with a system output of 180 hp.

“No more boring cars”

From the outside you can see that the new Corolla is a clear step into the future. When it comes to design, you have obviously become braver. Toyota has broken with the design past. "No more boring cars", now even Toyota gives farewell to the design past. This claim has undoubtedly been achieved with the new Corolla.

All three Corolla variants are characterized by elegant lines. The front looks positively dynamic and a little mysterious thanks to narrow LED headlights. The whole appearance is contemporary, but not "overdone". The optical elements - low roof, flat bonnet and the dynamic rear - add up to a special kind of presence that will surely meet the European taste. No wonder, because the design was developed in the new Belgian Design Center.

Valuable material impression in the interior

The interior impresses with its design and materials Photos: Toyota

The interior surprises with a high-quality material impression, which can also convince haptically. No hard cheap plastic, but sympathetic materials. The nine-inch multimedia monitor is a bit too dominant for our taste in the middle of the dashboard. However, the navigation system using the touchscreen on this monitor is very user-friendly. You don't have to study operating instructions to be able to use it. Key functions can be controlled or information can be called up using the buttons on the heated multifunction steering wheel.

Driving in the 2.0 liter hybrid is a very comfortable experience. 180 system horsepower make the Corolla a relatively sporty vehicle. With a total torque (petrol and electric motor together) of 392 Newton meters, the car accelerates to 7,9 km / h in 100 seconds, which a few years ago could still be considered very sporty. The fact that the top speed of the hybrid models is limited to 180 km / h is accepted at Toyota, unlike at Volvo, without a discussion about patronizing.

Although we are skeptical of consumption data from experience, our test car amazes with real 4,9 liters on the on-board computer, although we did not drive with restraint. Maybe it's also because we chose the Eco mode from the six driving modes.

The quiet start with the electric motor always amazes

The rear views vary

Toyota claims to have determined that about 50 percent of the trips should be electric. In fact, this is noiseless because electric starting takes some getting used to. In the discussion about the electric car, the hybrid drive actually means the optimal solution. Because I can drive about 50 kilometers electrically without using the combustion engine. But the serious advantage is that a hybrid has an infinite range and the driver does not have to worry about whether the battery charge still reaches the target. In this respect, Toyota has taken a clever, ridiculed course at the time with the first Prius hybrid model launched in 1997. German manufacturers should also think that Toyota is now pushing the hydrogen car with fuel cell as the next big step. Prescribing - as VW boss Herbert Diess advocates - prescribing the electric car with a battery without considering alternatives could prove to be a mistake in the medium term.

Valuable things such as traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and high beam automatic are standard in our test car. Different equipment variants make it easy for customers to choose their own vehicle. The prices start at 20.990 euros, our test car is 30.490 euros in the price list.

Synthetic leather that feels classy. In general, the materials in the interior appear valuable and by no means cheap. The digital flood of advertisements is very well designed / layouted, can be designed individually and offers at any time

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