Audi e-tron: Off to the desert or the Sound of Silence

Audi e-tron on desert tour Photos: Audi

When Audi sends journalists into the desert, it is not to be understood in terms of media policy. Rather, it is about putting the very special newcomers in the Audi portfolio through a kind of special test. And it is indeed impressive to experience the automotive future in the e-tron querwüstein around Abu Dhabi.

To say it in advance: As a battery skeptic, it is extremely difficult to ignore the positive experiences in the new Audi e-tron. One of the reasons for this is, of course, that the Audi press department has ruled out any e-car problems when introducing the driver. The range question does not arise because the

Electric through the desert around Abu Dhabi Photos: Audi

Lunch break is used by the quick charging station to recharge the battery. We never look at the range indicator, drive quickly through the surrounding area of ​​Abu Dhabi, which not only consists of desert, but also has wonderful highways, which, however, even put Baden-Württemberg in the shade when it comes to radar equipment.

Beautiful roads with a strictly monitored speed limit of 120 km / h

The e-tron is always tempting to start quickly

In view of this speed camera density, restraint is the order of the day. The fact that Audi seals off the top speed at 200 km / h in the e-tron has nothing to do with the speed limits in the Orient. Rather, there are technical reasons such as the theoretical range of 400 kilometers and the temperature balance of the 700-kilo battery in the vehicle floor. However, it is tempting to repeatedly challenge the maximum boost output of 408 hp when starting off. Since the full torque of 664 Newton meters is available immediately, indeed from a standstill, typical of an electric motor, even the most defensive tends

Typical Audi interior: the screen of the “rear-view mirror” in the door on the left

You can also get stuck in the desert sand with quattro

During normal starting, 170 HP (without boost) pull on the front axle and push 190 HP (without boost) at the rear. From this, the Audi engineers have made what is probably the most intelligent quattro drive, in which each wheel brings exactly as much power to the ground as the ground requires or allows. The e-tron quattro shows off its qualities impressively on the sand and gravel slopes around Abu Dhabi. Only once do colleagues dig into the yellow sand because they lost momentum behind us. Anyone who comes to a standstill in the desert sand has a hard time digging out again, despite quattro. Even with all-wheel drive you have to be careful and not give in to the illusion, quattro will do the trick. thanks

The Sound of Silence is indeed one of the most impressive things in the e-tron, if we disregard the Audi system features and assistants that we are familiar with. The quiet whirring of the well-insulated electric motors conveys the future, proves that e-mobility has arrived in the present and has no disadvantages in terms of handling compared to conventional combustion engines. Anyone who wants to drive electrically will find sophisticated mobility at the highest technological level in the Audi E-tron. This is not a question.

We recover energy with recuperation

Our drive through the desert also leads us to the 1240-meter-high Jebel Hafeet Park, which we climb over 21 steep hairpin bends. The battery reserves are heavily used. The view above is breathtaking. But: The energy-consuming driveway is largely compensated for by the recuperation downhill. The 95 kilowatt hours of the battery should result in a range of 400 kilometers. However, this should require a high degree of discipline on the part of the driver to avoid acceleration orgies. In the end, a range of 300 kilometers is more likely to correspond to reality.

The fact that sporty driving also wears out the battery faster should not be a problem. Audi guarantees a minimum mileage of a quarter of a million kilometers before the batteries need to be replaced. The complex thermal management system, which keeps the batteries in the optimal heat range between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, also contributes to the service life. The batteries feel comfortable and thank you with many charging cycles and a long service life.

The Audi e-tron offers absolute luxury class

There is no question that the e-tron offers top-class comfort. The air suspension and the perfectly coordinated chassis ensure that you slide along smoothly. The side cameras installed in our test car instead of rear-view mirrors require getting used to. The image of the “exterior mirror” projected onto a small screen in the door trim is initially not noticed without getting used to it. Our eyes habitually look outside for the outside mirror, which no longer exists here. Everyone has to answer for themselves whether this extra charge is worthwhile. We liked it because it seems so futuristic. A real usability effect is certainly not to be seen, but the system is definitely an interesting feature.

The Stromer e-tron, which is well equipped from the ground up, with a basic price of around 80.000 euros is no argument to switch to electrical equipment. But that is not his job. There are certainly many customers who want to be at the forefront of reversing the automotive world to electronics. Anyone who chooses the e-tron already gets a piece of the technological future today.

Length x Width x Height (m): 4,90 x 1,94 x 1,62
Wheel base (m): 2,30 m
Motors: three-phase asynchronous machines
Power: 300 kW / 408 PS
Torque: 664 Nm
Drive: four-wheel drive
Battery: 396 volt nominal voltage, 95 kWh capacity
Top speed: 200 km / h (electronically controlled)
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 6,6 seconds without boost, 5,6 seconds with boost
Range: 400 km (WLTP)
Empty weight :: 2490 kg
Boot space: 660 - 1725 liters
Max. Trailer load: 1800 kg
Drag coefficient: 0,27
Base price: 79 900 Euro

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  1. Anyone who can do without the incomparable symphony concert of an eight-cylinder is sure to be well served with the ticket for 80 euros into the e-world of the e-tron.

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