Protect the dead! ARD Press Club becomes a satire broadcast

It is actually incredible how much hostile ideology and ignorance are possible in the renowned Sunday press club. There were sentences that were worthy of every satire broadcast.

For example, this from journalist Ulrike Herrmann in her plea for a blue badge: "That would best protect the people who actually die!" But that was not the only nonsense that was launched which even the eloquent presenter Jörg Schönenborn could not resist. Actually, nobody should miss this program, which can be found in the media library under this link: First / Video? BcastId = 311790 & documentId = 50342978

Even the factually calm arguing Holger Appel from the FAZ did not have much to report. Whether the politics failed in the diesel scandal was only a rhetorical question for the discussants. In general, the taz journalist threw in the round: "The German auto industry has cheated on its customers and it is tolerated that at least 6.000 people die each year." When the moderator wanted to know what the people were dying from, the lady replied, "... through the heart and circulation ”.

However, there are well-known doctors who attribute these diseases to smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. The journalist does not contest that, because the diesel is to blame for everything. Ultimately, probably also in the annual 850.000 deaths in Germany.

And it got even better: In Germany, only 433 people die from violence each year. A considerable effort would then be made to clarify the deeds. There are crime fatalities on television, and bloody fatalities are publicly scandalized. "But the actual killing object is not the gun, but the diesel driver ..." What does the lady want to tell us? Diesel drivers are killers? Everything that's right. Somehow that goes too far, if it wasn't a satire show after all.

The 6.000 deaths claimed in a study by the Federal Environment Agency are only the lower limit: "It is likely to be 10.000 if one includes the strokes." And air pollution particularly affects "the poor" who live on these streets, which are over-burdened. "Not the villa owners who drive their Mercedes into the city and pollute the air there." This is pure automotive class struggle.

The moderator's advice that environmental help deserves a lot from their warnings countered Herrmann rather boldly with a straight lie: "Environmental support is supported by a broad donation base." The moderator's objection that this was only 20 percent had to be confirmed by Herrmann to put it into perspective: "Environmental aid is not a lobby organization and the only environmental organization that has managed to uncover this scandal." It is, as it were, ennobled morally.

The time journalist Petra Pinzler also knows how the air problem can be solved: "We have to enable people to be mobile without having their own car." Well, well. Everything is very simple.

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