BMW relieved from the Federal Motor Transport Authority - environmental aid reports doubts

BMW had dared to take action against the notorious “Deutsche Umweltthilfe eV” warning association. BMW has apparently refuted the claim of environmental aid that a BMW 320 d that it had tested would emit more nitrogen oxides than permitted, and the KBA had confirmed this. Environmental aid reports - whatever else - contradiction and doubts. Environmental aid continues its fight against diesel.

So the dispute about the truth goes into the next round. The KBA has confirmed to BMW that the BMW 320 d examined by TÜV Süd fulfills the "legal requirements in full". The environmental aid criticizes the restriction formulated by the KBA that the limit values ​​would be observed “under normal operating conditions”. Umwelthilfe insists on its claim that "the BMW 320d tested by the DUH emitted up to seven times as much nitrogen oxide in road traffic as in the laboratory test". The nitrogen oxides skyrocketed even when the car started sportily.

BMW is self-confident: "The KBA test results also indicate that the emissions values ​​criticized by Deutsche Umwelthilfe were caused by forced driving situations and incorrect test execution. These are not representative. "And development head Klaus Fröhlich added:" Basically, vehicles of the BMW Group are not manipulated. Our diesel engines are clean. The public and politics can rely on this, but above all our customers and employees. ”The KBA test results clearly show that the vehicle under test was not manipulated. We therefore consider the procedure of the DUH to be dubious and without any meaningfulness. "

The environmental aid has now asked the KBA to disclose the test results in detail. So it remains exciting, although BMW is now off the hook. And will stay off the hook. Because if legal regulations are complied with, environmental aid cannot change or criticize them. It is the same with the consumption information: whoever drives at full throttle, increases consumption significantly. Here, too, there was no legal reason to contest the additional consumption. Statutory regulations are and will be complied with in both cases. In this respect, the so-called environmental aid has bad cards.








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