Pieter Nota: Does the new sales director at BMW have mouthwash in the blood instead of gasoline?

It is probably the most unusual personnel decision on the BMW board. A completely outside of the industry should bring the BMW Group back to the top of the premium manufacturers in terms of automobile sales worldwide.

The fact that Pieter Nota does not have any automotive experience not only caused a sensation in the Munich four-cylinder, but also caused annoyance and disappointment. Not only for those who have calculated opportunities themselves after the age-old departure of sales manager Ian Robertson, but also for many on the sales front. “It will be difficult for a BMW sales manager who has no idea about our core brand and who has not experienced the differences between a rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. He can learn a lot, but ultimately he has toothpaste in his blood instead of petrol, ”criticizes the sales manager of a not insignificant BMW branch. This personnel decision causes unrest in the BMW universe all over the country.

BMW boss Harald Krüger sees it quite differently: “With Pieter Nota, we were able to gain an experienced sales and marketing expert with an international profile. I am convinced that with his focus on innovation and transformation, he will continue to successfully lead our core brand BMW and its products on the path to networked mobility. ”The words of the CEO are now interpreted in such a way that BMW is increasing in digitization, electromobility and autonomous Driving should be aligned.

However, Nota will not be able to avoid facing up to the current challenges: the US market is weakening, Mercedes-Benz has again overtaken BMW and has taken the lead, the diesel crisis has also left its mark on BMW, the electric i3 is not running as planned and the developments for further electric vehicles still take a long time to be ready for the market. In addition, there are the problems with Brexit, which Ian Robertson will probably continue to solve as a brand ambassador in England. After all, the BMW Group has two successful brands on the island: Rolls-Royce and Mini. Robertson, who is said to have refused to speak German until his farewell, will be a huge loss for BMW. Not only because he held the BMW Group in front of arch-rival Mercedes-Benz until 2016, but also because he implanted a pronounced global understanding and thinking in the four-cylinder.

Just as unusual as the successor decision is the Munich press release, which only describes the curriculum vitae of the new board of directors in tabular form, without mentioning the former responsibilities of the business economist born in the Netherlands in 1964. His last area of ​​responsibility between 2016 and the end of 2017: Executive Vice President, Personal Health and Chief Marketing Officer, Netherlands at Royal Philips. Perhaps corporate communications didn't want the big bell that he was also responsible for the sale of mouthwash and electric toothbrushes. It remains to be seen whether it really doesn't matter what you have to sell. Pieter Nota should not only be closely monitored in the four-cylinder engine.



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