VW manager Oliver Schmidt will be released on parole in a year or two

The seven-year sentence against ex-Volkswagen manager Oliver Schmidt seems tough. It is also. However, he will not have to serve this sentence in full, but will be released on parole early. And then be deported.

As is well known, the US judiciary makes tough judgments. A triple pizza thief has to go to prison for a few years, at least according to the verdict. Crowded prisons, which are often run by private companies, are bursting at the seams in all states. The US judiciary, therefore, tends to suspended pending sentences after a certain period of time. This will also be the case with Oliver Schmidt, who is likely to be released on probation in 2019 or earlier. After all, he is not a violent criminal from whom the public must be protected.

Seven years imprisonment for Oliver Schmidt

Having to sit in the United States as a U-prisoner leads, like everywhere else in the world, to confessions that often go beyond the real facts. If Oliver Schmidt had not fully declared himself guilty in August, the sentence would have been much tougher. The fact that he may have long winded to put the cards on the table certainly motivated the judge to be extremely hard. If he hadn't pleaded guilty, the maximum theoretical sentence would have been 169 years.

Since Schmidt has admitted to joining a conspiracy against the United States, according to the legal definition in the United States, even as a small light in the organization of the VW fraud, he is punished as hard as a main culprit.

If Schmidt is released on parole in a year or two, he can never pack his bags and buy a ticket to Germany. Here the US judiciary shows once again its full severity. Schmidt is first transferred to a prison for a few weeks, where delinquents are waiting for your deportation. From there, he is escorted by police officers to the plane that is supposed to take him home. And that's not all: Schmidt will never be allowed to enter the USA again. This is part of the deal agreed with the prosecutor.

The US lawyers Schmidts with their applications should have no chance that he can serve his sentence in Germany.

Also accused and most likely sought with an arrest warrant are the manager Richard Dorenkamp, ​​the ex-board member Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the managers Jens Hadler and Bernd Gottweis, right hand of Martin Winterkorn. Audi technician Giovanni Pamino, arrested in Munich, has been a free man again for a few days. The Munich Higher Regional Court did not consider the allegations from the United States to be sufficient to maintain detention.

Since Germany does not extradite Germans to the USA, the US authorities are unable to approach these accused persons, who could, however, be arrested on a trip to other European countries if international arrest warrants have been issued.



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