Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: Porsche under power

Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Already naming what is probably the longest car name in the world leaves you breathless: the subtle perception of the economical hybrid can be removed.

Although this plug-in Panamera can drive almost 50 kilometers purely electrically, our test drive shows 15,5 liters of fuel consumption in the end on the fuel consumption display. But every liter was worth it, we have to admit. The boom of 850 Newton meters from the V8 petrol engine and electric motor leads to a kind of catapult start like on an aircraft carrier. And it's fun to use this power at every opportunity. The interaction of a brute V8 propellant with the electric motor creates a kind of elemental force that does not shy away from the 2,3 tonne curb weight and catapults the Panamera to 3,4 km / h in a damn short 100 seconds. This is about the same amount of time that goes by saying the name of this Panamera.

The official consumption of standards ignores reality

The official standard consumption of this plug-in hybrid of three liters symbolizes the nonsense of those theoretical standard values, which can now be called fake news. However, the consumed 17,6 kWh / 100 km are now also given, which, however, do not change much and only apply if the battery was previously fully charged. On a

Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo Photos: Porsche

Overland travel is regularly recuperated when braking or coasting, but the battery is only fully charged after a few hours on the charging cable. The theoretical fantasy value of gasoline consumption is calculated with a full battery, which actually reduces the consumption of gasoline to this low standard value for the first 100 kilometers. Only theory is economical. However, it cannot be assumed that this Panamera will be bought to be economical on the road.

Offering the Panamera as a plug-in hybrid is also due to the US market, where, for example, special lanes for hybrids have been set up in California's traffic jam capital, Los Angeles. However, because there are now so many hybrid vehicles there, traffic jams are getting longer and longer on the hybrid lane, because hybrids have become less and less exceptional. Similar to Formula 1, Porsche does not see the hybrid drive with an electric motor as technology to save fuel, but as a power booster, as an additional element to increase driving performance. And how well this works can be experienced impressively in this Panamera. If you want, you can drive up to 140 km / h purely electrically. However, the electric range of 49 kilometers then shrinks dramatically to an estimated ten to twenty kilometers.

The silence when starting off is astonishing

The feeling when starting off is somehow eerie when the Panamera starts moving silently, like on velvet paws. It is only when you press hard on the accelerator that the force of the two hearts is suddenly released - especially noticeable in sports mode. Then it goes very quickly towards the horizon, beyond which it is not only Udo Lindenberg who continues. In this case up to 310 km / h, which we unfortunately could not savor on the speed-limited southern Spanish roads.

It is not the dynamic qualities alone that make this Panamera a top-class sports car. In addition to the luxurious high-tech ambience of the cockpit, it is also the complex control of the entire drive system that can be adjusted by the driver as required. With "E-Hold" the battery content can be frozen, perhaps to drive later through the city center without emissions, with "E-Charge" the battery is constantly charged by the petrol engine, which should manifest itself in higher gas consumption. The "Hybrid Auto" mode offers the optimum in efficiency and changes the drive sources automatically.

The hybrid system is perfectly balanced

The standard adaptive all-wheel drive Panamera shines with excellent traction that has no trouble bringing the brute power to the road. The flashing double clutch transmission with eight gears enables a long-lasting feeling of acceleration. Being able to accelerate to 11,9 km / h in 200 seconds shows how much the perfectly balanced drive system efficiently converts power into propulsion.

A very broad appearance from behind 

The fine work of the engineers is impressive. Be it the extremely good handling properties due to the rear axle steering (which is subject to a surcharge), the variable angle of attack of the roof spoiler, which generates up to 50 kilograms of downforce depending on the driving program, or the intelligent connection between the electric motor and V8 via an electromechanical disconnect clutch that is extremely convenient means: barely noticeable works. The result is sovereignty that can be felt in all driving conditions. The long-winded P anamera T urbo S EH ybrid S port T urismo delighted us on winding country roads with its amazing agility, despite its high weight, as well as on a straight highway with its comfort.

The digital cockpit is reminiscent of that of a jet

The fact that the new Panamera remains the exception among this type of sports car should be recognizable in purely formal terms. Nobody will understand this Porsche as a station wagon, even though it offers a loading volume of 1.295 liters with the seat backs folded forward and loaded up to the roof. Access to the luggage compartment is very easy thanks to the large automatic tailgate that opens as standard and the low loading edge.

Perfect order and the finest workmanship in every detail

A word about the cockpit: The digital display and operating concept informs the driver about everything that is going on. Whether the battery is being charged or is about to discharge, what the entire propulsion system is doing, whether it is comfortable etc. The impression of an airplane cockpit may sound exaggerated, but in fact the question arises how much information the Driver can process at all or wants to have. The 12,3-inch touch display in the center console is in any case excellently structured and brilliantly laid out.

All in all, the question arises as to why everyone wants an automobile that nobody really needs, as ex-Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking has said. In any case, total desire is also given to this Panamera along the way of life.

Technical data Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: two-door brake coupé with four seats, length: 5,05 meters, width: 1,94 meters, height: 1,43 meters, wheelbase: 2,95 meters, empty weight: 2.325 kilograms, trunk volume: 425/1296 liters, tank capacity: 80 liters, engine: V8 gasoline engine with turbocharger, displacement 3996 ccm, power: 550 hp at 5750 rpm, electric motor with 136 hp, total system output 680 hp, max. Torque: 850 Newton meters at 1.960 - 4.500 rpm, 0 - 100 km / h: 3,4 seconds, top speed: 310 km / h, standard consumption combined: 3,0 liters Super plus / 100 km, power consumption 17,6 kWh / 100 km CO2 emissions: 69 g / km, Euro 6, energy efficiency class A +, price from: 188.592 euros.



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