There is not only the diesel summit, but also that of the slander

You can tell that it's an election campaign. Now German diesel should also be to blame for hurricane Irma. The auto industry is responsible for everything anyway, and as an automafia, it gasses 10.000 innocents every year.

It is unbelievable what the ARD energy expert Jürgen Döschner (photo) paid for by our GEZ fees (photo) did in a tweet. The highly paid television man scolded: "German automafia gasses 10.000 innocent people every year." He later turned "gassed" into "killing", but the enormity of this crude allegation is not diminished. It remains incomprehensible why the VDA does not take legal action against this insane claim, the explosiveness of which an eloquent television journalist had to know very well. And the silence of the men in the PR departments of the auto industry is an eloquent sign of weakness. Not from missing arguments.

The media is upset that AfD man Gauland wanted to "dispose of" a minister, but ignore the fact that two well-known SPD politicians wanted to "dispose of" the entire Merkel government years ago. All of this may be due to the hot election campaign, but when it comes to alleged facts, you should be able to prove them. The automobile in particular has become the focus of fake news these days, which are unbelievable.

When Özdemir's son sniffs the SUV exhaust

Green Cem Özdemir told Anne Will on Sunday evening (with Finance Minister Schäuble): "My seven-year-old son inhales nitrogen oxide exactly at the level of an exhaust ..." Must be a dwarf. When Özdemir noticed this discrepancy, he quickly inserted that the height of an SUV exhaust was meant. But that can't be right either. The Greens and the "environmental aid" as well as other car opponents deny the truth that 950 milligrams of nitrogen oxide per cubic meter are actually allowed at our workplaces, but only those 40 milligrams arbitrarily determined ideologically in Brussels by the EU Commission without any medical need .

Nobody can explain to me why I can be exposed to the much higher value at work for eight hours, while the short stretch in traffic jams should be much more dangerous. People's lungs on the street are no different from those in the office. Of course, it is also about the residents who are constantly exposed to car emissions and who undoubtedly need to be protected. But the limit of 40 milligrams was set using the Pi times thumb method. And from an ideological anti-auto point of view. Of course, this value is sacrosanct for the dishes. Therefore, the VDA and the politicians in the new Bundestag should tackle two things: The limit values ​​and the legal standing of the German "environmental aid" in question.

Why is the auto industry silent about environmental aid?

It is incomprehensible why the auto industry accepts the defamation so plaintively and without contradiction. Is the mainstream wind so strong that the management team doesn't dare to come out of cover. Yes, that's difficult, because with the diesel fraud VW has made the entire industry unbelievable. They are now stumbling into the next mainstream adventure - the electric car. How can politicians say with Anne Will that the majority of Germans are against diesel? And now the auto industry is required to comply with that.

The bad thing is that the constant drop of ideological environmental poison hollows out the hardest stone of physical reality and truth. People largely believe in the climate change they cause, politicians cannot escape the mainstream either - and all of a sudden, climate hysteria is a reality cast into legal text. Why did the then Environment Minister Gabriel and the Chancellor ask themselves when taking pictures in red vests in front of Greenland what would have become of Greenland without natural climate change or if green pastures would still serve cattle there today? Greenland was now grassland, the climate change at that time led from the warm period to the ice age, which was sometimes large, sometimes small.

Can man change the rotational speed of the earth?

Man's assumption that we can determine or influence the climate is as absurd as trying to slow down or accelerate the Earth's rotation speed around the sun. The conclusion that the CO2 content of the atmosphere influences the climate is wrong and is even disputed by well-known scientists from the World Climate Council. A Nobel laureate is horrified by the mainstream (, Professor Werner Kirsten ( also explains that man-made climate change has become a religion, its denial equals the denial of the Holocaust. And who is thinking about the fact that Oscar winner Al Gore, with his film The Inconvenient Truth, directly benefits from the fear of climate change through companies that sell solar roofs and other “climate-relevant” products.

It is not always due to physical conviction that more and more German courts are right for "environmental aid", but simply because of the legal requirements. Unfortunately, nobody questions that anymore. 100.000 times published that tens of thousands of people die prematurely from particulate matter or suddenly from nitric oxide, and people begin to believe it. Premature death is only a guess based on extrapolated statistics that hold more uncertainties than the weather forecast for the next decade. Knowing when someone died prematurely requires knowing when they would have died without nitric oxide.

The tale of premature deaths

And to blame these deaths on diesel or, more generally, on the combustion engine, it is assumed that the Stickodix molecules carry their producer with them, so to speak, by name tag. Sources other than internal combustion engines are simply and consciously disregarded. The "premature" deaths due to the automobile are purely ideological fantasy, which has no reliable scientific basis. The fact that smoking has a dramatically higher death rate than even the apocalyptic dramaturgies of the “environmental workers” does not challenge them. The Heidelberg professor Sven Schneider from the Institute for Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Heidelberg has determined: “Every tenth death worldwide is due to smoking. In Germany this is one in seven deaths. "

I do not want to know how many of the "premature" deaths due to diesel exhaust gases listed by the "environmental aid" were borrowed from the smoker dead. It is clear that the auto industry should already have made its physical unreality clear when discussing limit values. In conversation with well-known managers of the auto industry, we hear the same thing over and over again: "To speak the truth would have cost me the job and the auto industry would have had a good reputation." That is the truth: The auto industry has long assumed the role of villain made by left-wing ideologues subject. She let herself be pushed into a corner from which she can no longer get out. When nothing more then helped than installing defeat devices, VW not only lost trust, but also contributed to the fact that the entire industry lost its self-confidence.

And now the auto industry is making the same mistake again: it stumbles without inner conviction into electromobility that is neither consistently sustainable, nor really and absolutely environmentally friendly. Driven by a mainstream policy, the auto industry is once again submitting to the public opinion that the future lies in the electric car (I would like to refer to an excellent article by colleague Christian Wüst in the mirror). And if the Greens again act as a guardianship party that wants to ban the combustion engine in 2030, then one can only hope that the advice of their only Prime Minister Kretschmann that the Greens should be satisfied with six percent is exaggerated and they are under five percent land.

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