Who will stop the "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" rampage?

It is unbelievable how a small warning club not only drives the entire federal government, but also the entire auto industry, and can always triumph in court. It is time to rethink the right to sue environmental protection associations that Rot-Grün once granted.

However, one has to certify that the association "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" that it adheres razor-sharp to legal requirements and can only be brought to bear by the courts, which politicians have decided at a green table in a kind of ideological finger-hooking beyond physical reality. Namely limit values ​​that scoff at scientific thoroughness.

Auto manager speaks of "protection money extortion"

DUH Managing Director Jürgen Resch / Photo Steffen Holzmann / Cover photo Robert Lehmann DUH

Whether this association, financed to a large extent by warnings, with the targeted diesel driving bans represents consumer interests may or may not be doubted. "The power that has grown up to the obscure association is being ruthlessly misused," says a member of the Bundestag. Years ago, a former Daimler manager rejected the association's offer to advise Daimler on environmental issues against "a horrendous fee". After this was rejected, the "environmental aid" shot remarkably sharp against Mercedes-Benz. "In the underworld, this behavior is called extortion for protection money," says the manager today. "It is time that the DUH and its hypereitic managing director were finally stopped," says the politician. The DUH acts as the highest moral authority on environmental issues and would have to put itself to the test with its “dubious” business activity.

Ex-Minister of Transport Peter Ramsauer (CSU) criticizes: »Medium-sized companies are literally cashed in by the DUH's warning methods without helping the environment or consumers!« He demands that the legal standing of associations such as the DUH be checked. The club and its leaders make a good living from what they receive mostly from medium-sized car dealers in the form of warning fees, which are financially accountable for the smallest formal errors in their customer communication.

Where has the "forest dieback" gone?

The “environmental aid” takes advantage of the distortions caused by the diesel scandal and now confidently mixes everything that is in the air like fine dust: climate change, diesel fraud, cartel allegations, political failure and so on. And because the automobile is the left-hand world improver, dearest child, because social differences can be determined from it, the left, blind in the insanity of the climate, tirelessly blows to attack the car.

Was it supposed oil shortage with Sunday driving bans in the seventies and the oil wells were threatened at the turn of the millennium (the Club of Rome no longer wants to know about this today), the German forest died in the eighties (and today it lives only as healthy as possible, probably from before protected bark beetles), thousands of people in Germany allegedly died on unlimited highways, but none of the apocalyptic scenarios predicted by "environmentalists" and world saviors has come true. It kind of reminds me of the repeated prophecies of religious communities that the world would go down on a certain date.


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  1. Andreas Wittman | 10. March 2018 15 to: 38 | Reply

    Stop the so-called Outrageous Environmental Aid, who actually did this association and gave the financial means. Stop this association immediately by decree,

  2. Michael schulte | 26. March 2018 20 to: 42 | Reply

    Well ... A large Japanese car manufacturer is also concerned about environmental aid ...
    Totaaal unselfish ... ..

  3. Clement, Franco | 31. March 2018 09 to: 52 | Reply

    Put an end to the environmental radicals that have taken millions of motorists hostage without being asked and the bottom line is that they always harm them. The environmental aid commitment is clearly hostile to citizens. Above all, they are still working in their pockets with new cost constraints for citizens through driving bans in industry.

  4. Pitufo Listo | 1. April 2018 21 to: 22 | Reply

    It is great how a small club not only drives the entire federal government, but also the entire automotive industry, and can triumph in court again and again.
    The DUH has not made the EU limit values, which have already been watered down by German politics and which have been in force since 2010 but have since been exceeded without the politicians reacting.
    There is a fundamental right to physical integrity, but no fundamental right to drive a car anywhere. The moaning motorists are welcome to trade with the affected residents. Are there volunteers?
    The automotive industry makes record profits and refuses to pay for a technically possible retrofit. Instead, all taxpayers should be used again (see Mobility Fund).
    Politics and the auto industry are so social. The Americans show how to deal with fraudsters.

    It is ridiculous to slam the DUH instead of naming the real culprits: the automotive industry and politics! But what ami rifle for ami is his cart for german.

    • Thank you! Finally a knowledgeable and differentiated contribution. 🙂

      • Has the environment been helped by scrapping still serviceable vehicles and the resulting new production of vehicles? The whole thing is also a great economic package for the automaker. Why is there not protests against the new production of batteries for electric cars? Oh yes, the raw material extraction for this is not in Germany and is therefore environmentally friendly ...? Or the dumping of electronic waste to Africa, Agbogbloshie in Ghana? No environmental sin in Germany that can be cannibalized.
        And the saying what the ami his gun, the German his car? You don't live in the country, or are you told by the employment office that you can commute 100 km for a job? Oh, you can move to the city? Just where? And you also have to pay for the living space. The DUH also nibbles on the existence of normal wage earners. And why? So that fantasy limit values, which are many times below the workplace limit values, are adhered to ...
        You can say the DUH is on everyone's lips and the whole thing is a great advertising campaign for yourself ...

  5. A concerned citizen :-) | 2. April 2018 15 to: 16 | Reply

    So I'm certainly not a fan boy of the German environmental aid, but the blame for the diesel misery is certainly borne by others and these others should finally come up with solutions.

  6. Christian Reif | 2. April 2018 21 to: 48 | Reply

    The right to integrity. Yes, yes, but allow glyphosate and many other things. Now the diesel is being fought and the gasoline is being promoted. It is also known that these, for example, the new direct injection engines generate twice the amount of fine dust. When the diesels are gone, it's the gasoline again. It works with arguments that nobody can understand. But if you shout it out loud, you believe it too. 50 micrograms are permitted on the street, 40 micrograms are permitted in the workplace for 950 hours a week. Simple inflammation symptoms only appear from 5000 micrograms. The CO2 content of the entire atmosphere is around 0,4%. The total share of vehicle traffic in total emissions worldwide (including natural causes) is approx. 0,03%. In total, 3% of carbon emissions are man-made. And for Germany to be the pioneer of world rescue, we have to subsidize biodiesel for the huge jungle areas. When I was at school we learned that we are likely to have a warm period now. And we cannot influence this.

  7. Herman Spaderna | 3. April 2018 00 to: 24 | Reply

    All comments are written by lobbyists from the automotive industry to harm environmental aid.

  8. Hans Georg Stephan | 3. April 2018 06 to: 01 | Reply

    Hopefully this board member and grin kid from the DUH will ride the bike to work (120) km a day) If the swell-head of the DHU manages to do this without being physically dead after a year, he doesn't need a car anymore, and that's clean. I was always Warning clubs are forbidden, where are the sensible judges.

  9. Erhard make-up | 3. April 2018 08 to: 23 | Reply

    I'm just saying TOYOTA as a SPONSOR! Now the DIESEL, then the PETROL, then the millions of BATTERIES. Movement without pollutants does not create a COW ......

  10. Isn't there an association that speaks for the citizens of Germany and sued this "supposed representative of the people" (DUH, not even 300 members)? Who protects us from them?
    Not everyone has the money to buy a new car as quickly as DHU likes!

  11. It was finally time for politics to step in here.
    It cannot be that such an association has been here in all areas for years
    really cashed in. It is not up to the state to take responsibility for environmental protection itself, and with sensitivity. Finally put an end to the whole theater at the expense of citizens and entrepreneurs. Apparently this association is also supported by the state!
    This is all about cashing in.

  12. how can you get this club ?? accuse .. who wants to expropriate millions of motorists, who supports the workers in the auto industry and their families, such as the green ones or Toyota, one could enumerate even more

  13. There is only one thing to say about the DUH: Stupid and hollow!

  14. I can only agree with the previous speakers. Who protects us from this warning association? I don't have the money to quickly buy a new car. But I need a car to get to work. Now, thanks to the very little German environmental aid (which actually only helps itself), I take a long detour through the accompanying residential areas every day, which of course is so much more environmentally friendly. But I could also quit my job and then just receive HarzIV. Then I have no expenses from my car and not so much less money in the house. I can't look myself in the face anymore.

    No, I drive every day, thanks to Jürgen Reesch, my big detour through the residential areas, instead of once and directly to my work.
    Can't you do anything against the DUH?

  15. This bloated club has to be stripped of all tax benefits and financial contributions checked. DUH is like pimples on the ass, no one needs it!

  16. Fundamentally, I am extremely suspicious of fundamentalists - regardless of their color - because of their extremist attitudes. And the "Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH)" (this association title sounds so official and is totally misleading!) Belongs in this category in my opinion.
    With regard to the anti-diesel hysteria, which has now escalated, it was interesting to see an interview recently broadcast on TV by a scientifically recognized pulmonologist. For example, a smoker suffers a hundredfold exposure to NOX (compared to the European limit value for road traffic) by “enjoying” a cigarette.
    So how does this "DUH" come about to the 4.000 deaths annually in Germany? It is probably pure polemic to generate "arguments" for one's own extremist position ...
    And if the "DUH" should be concerned about the health (and general well-being) of the citizens of this country, then those responsible for this association would have to weigh up what the consequences of the strictly pursued anti-diesel hysteria and driving bans are - For example, the "burning" of monetary assets (collapse in vehicle value), the switch of consumers in the cities (who still need a car despite everything and can neither finance nor regularly charge an electric car) to petrol (with an average Consumption of one third higher, accompanied by increased CO2 emissions [that should actually be reduced!]) And, with regard to the driving bans, a shift of traffic to generally unsuitable roads (there then traffic jams, frequent starts with high pollutant emissions, etc.).
    Where does this make sense?
    The now punished consumers are the totally wrong address for these accusations!

  17. For me, the “makers” of DUH are environmental terrorists and self-actors. Why is there no one to stop them? Under the guise of the good people, you primarily take all diesel drivers hostage. And not, as they always say, the auto industry. But obviously there are also many supporters for the DUH in the population and in politics. This situation frustrates me.

  18. Viennese Peter | 21. January 2019 18 to: 04 | Reply

    Why nobody stops the DUH, ADAC you hear nothing, the broadcaster VOX Automobil is the TV broadcaster that reports about the madness. Do we want to learn from the French?
    Mr. Jürgen Resch, should next ban the motor vehicles, close all petrol stations. And the taxpayer pays for the friendly smile, this actor of the DUH-

  19. Stop German environmental aid!
    Since Corona it is clear that this club doesn't really know anything.
    It is incredible that such an association exists at the expense of the general public.
    Finally pulls the plug out of them.

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