40 months imprisonment for VW manager James Robert Liang

Now the first Detroit VW manager has been sentenced to 40 months in prison and a $ 200.000 fine. James Lang must begin detention within four to six weeks once the prison authorities find a place for him.

District judge Sean Cox went beyond the prosecution's proposed sentence, which had been filed for three years and only $ 20.000. After the release from prison, Liang has to undergo surveillance for two years before being deported to Germany. The court said that Liang was very cooperative and supported the investigation against other VW managers.

Ex-VW manager James Liang

Liang had pleaded guilty to being involved in a conspiracy involving software software fraud with others for nine years. Liang was not the leader, but would have been happy to join in.

Now Oliver Schmidt will also be able to calculate that he will not get away cheaper. Lawyers in the United States even expect a higher sentence because Schmidt has long denied.

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