Mirror “revelation” more hot air than legal substance

The German car manufacturers seem paralyzed after the Spiegel “unveiling”. Cartel allegations in the room are not commented on. Although there is more hot air than legal substance in the Spiegel report, BMW has now spoken out.

“The basic rule is: BMW Group vehicles are not manipulated and comply with the respective legal requirements. Of course, this also applies to diesel vehicles. This is confirmed by the results of national and international official investigations.

The company decisively rejects the allegation that the AdBlue tank is too small for exhaust gas purification in Euro 6 diesel vehicles from the BMW Group.

The technology used at BMW differs significantly from others on the market. We are also looking for competition in exhaust gas cleaning: in contrast to other manufacturers, a combination of several components for exhaust gas cleaning is used in BMW Group diesel vehicles. If the exhaust gas is cleaned by urea injection with AdBlue (SCR), an NOx storage catalytic converter is also installed in these vehicles. As a result, all legal emission requirements are met and very good real emissions behavior is achieved. Therefore, there is no need for a recall or retrofit for the BMW Group's Euro 6 diesel cars.

In addition, the combination of both systems in connection with the exhaust gas recirculation leads to a very low AdBlue consumption in comparison to the competition, since a lower injection is necessary. This enables an optimized container size and, at the same time, very low emissions in real operation compared to the competition. The BMW Group diesel vehicles also have a simple refill solution, depending on the model, via the fuel filler flap or the bonnet. BMW Group customers are informed of a low AdBlue level several times in good time. If this is ignored, commissioning of the vehicle is prevented.

The BMW Group believes that discussions with other manufacturers about AdBlue tanks are aimed at establishing the necessary refueling infrastructure in Europe.

In addition, the company confirms its commitment to carry out a voluntary and free software upgrade for the suitable Euro 5 diesel cars from the BMW Group in order to realize further emission reduction potentials based on the knowledge gained in the field in recent years. We see this as part of a joint and comprehensive package of measures by municipalities and industry to further improve inner-city air quality without blanket driving bans as part of the upcoming "Diesel Summit" on August 02.08.2017nd, XNUMX. "


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