Concept BMW 8 Series Coupé: Too good to come true?


This racy BMW Coupé is more than a vision. It should be more or less in this form on the market next year and can be seen at the IAA in September.

When formal language hits our hearts black, emotional ventricular fibrillation is the order of the day. What BMW presented as a concept in Villa d`Este this year can be placed in the Excitement of Summer category.

Not only does it look extremely good, it is also borrowed from the DNA of the 8 Series Coupé tradition. BMW boss Harald Krüger put it in words>: “At BMW, the number 8 has always marked the peak of sportiness and exclusivity. The future 8 Series Coupé will prove that highly dynamic driving behavior and modern luxury harmonize perfectly. It is the next model in the expansion of our range in the luxury segment and will set new standards for coupés there. With this we underpin our claim to leadership in the luxury segment.

BMW calls the concept an “absolute high-end driving machine”, a sports car “uncompromising dynamism”. “For me it is simply the pure fascination of the automobile”, is how chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk describes the concept.

Exterior tradition and future

The BMW Concept 8 Series is recognizable as a BMW at first glance and at the same time shows new design ideas and formal language approaches. "The design of the BMW Concept 8 Series reinterprets well-known BMW icons and presents a new approach in the design language, which is particularly in the

An aesthetic delight from every perspective

Surface work becomes visible: Few, precise lines define clear surfaces, while the volumes are powerfully modeled. The result is an expressive statement, a personality with character - in short: A driver's car, ”summarizes Hooydonk.

As can be heard, the current engines will power this coupe as well. The variants should also be available as hybrids, but probably not as a purely electric vehicle.

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