BMW M550d xDrive: New hammer diesel with 400 hp

BMW boss Krüger will be relying on combustion engines beyond 2030. As clearly as BMW CEO Harald Krüger has never said a car boss about the future of the internal combustion engine, which he believes will be sustainable in 2030 as gasoline and diesel. Now comes the M550d xDrive.

At the auto motor und sport congress, Krüger didn't say a word. The diesel is necessary in order to achieve legally binding fleet consumption. They all say that, but we have never heard it as pointedly as from Krüger. However, BMW will continue to work intensively on the electric car with battery and fuel cell as well as on hybrids and further develop these technologies.

The largest anticipated thrust of 760 Nm

As if this statement had to be confirmed, BMW has now presented the hammer diesel par excellence. The highly explosive propellant rages in the BMW M550d xDrive and enables performance that is hard to beat. Technically, this diesel is of striking dimensions. Four (!) Turbochargers ensure a maximum torque of 760 Newton meters, which is available from 2.000 rpm. For a diesel car, this is definitely the greatest thrust to be assumed, which unfortunately already reaches the electronic limit at 250 kilometers per hour that can be reached too quickly. The Maxi-Power is distributed via the 8-speed Steptronic Sport gearbox, which is matched to this performance, via the intelligent all-wheel drive system, so that hardly any horsepower is lost in the slip between the tires and the road.

Zero at 100 km / h in 4,4 seconds

It is surprising that the in-line six-cylinder is still called TwinPower despite its four turbo turbines. The term quattro power would be more correct, but would get in the way of a well-known competitor. From a standing start, the new BMW Five shoots at 4,4 km / h in 100 seconds (Touring 4,6 seconds) and is three tenths of a second faster than 100 than the V10 predecessor with 507 hp and almost as dynamic as the one up to M2016 built in 5 with 560 hp, but up to 315 km / h can run. And also the anniversary M5 with 600 PS can only go 0,5 seconds faster. We are therefore eagerly awaiting the future M5, which will of course outperform the new diesel giant. However: For a diesel fan, the new offer of the strongest passenger car diesel is a temptation that can only be avoided by giving in to it.

Price from 84.000 Euro

The three-liter diesel is also supposed to work relatively sparingly. Combined, the usual dramatically understated laboratory value (provisionally) is given as 5,9 (Touring 6,1) liters per 100 kilometers, the CO2 emissions at 154 g / km (Touring 163 g / km). The fuel is injected via piezo injectors at an unimaginable pressure of 2.500 bar. It goes without saying that with these performance parameters, the exhaust gas aftertreatment to reduce nitrogen oxides cannot do without AdBlue injection. The new M550d should therefore comply with all applicable exhaust gas laws.

Optionally, the price list, open at the top, offers what your heart desires. The base price, which has not yet been published, should start at 84.000 euros and includes valuable standards such as integral active steering, 8-speed Steptronic, driving experience switch for six driving modes and much more. Additional driver assistance systems enable more safety; An expanded Active Cruise Control system now recognizes speed limits and automatically takes them over for the activated cruise control.

BMW is convinced that the new M550d xDrive will also become a very special mobility partner in everyday life. Superior driving performance combined with outstanding efficiency are a positive fragrance brand when it comes to diesel power, which confirms the conviction of BMW boss Harald Krüger that the diesel engine does not have its future behind it, but with certainty ahead of it.





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