Does Donald Trump not know about the factories of German car manufacturers in the USA?

The image interview with Donald Trump ignores important facts despite a sensational presentation and great media response.

The fact that Bild-Editor Kai Diekmann succeeded in being admitted to the office of the future US President in New York's Trump Tower for an interview is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement. The interview is correspondingly well received in all media - brilliant PR for Bild-Zeitung. And its soon-to-be outgoing editor.

The question-and-answer skirmish has caused a sensation, but there is essentially nothing new to be learned. Kai Diekmann probably got the appointment with Donald Trump only because Trump obviously wanted to show the American press that he does not see himself dependent on their benevolence.

What really disappointed me about the interview: Diekmann barely followed up. The fact that Trump criticizes BMW without mentioning the large BMW plant in Spartanburg (South Carolina) with 8.000 employees (see photo) is a gross blunder. And Diekmann didn't follow up. The fact that tens of thousands of suppliers work at all locations of German manufacturers also goes unmentioned. Too bad.

At least Trump should have known that almost all German manufacturers manufacture in the USA: With 3.500 employees, Mercedes-Benz has also been manufacturing GLE, GLS and C-Class for the US market in Tuscaloosa (Alabama), Daimler has truck factories in Cleveland (Ohio), Portland (Oregon) and builds a van plant in Charleston (South Carolina). Volkswagen is building the US Passat and, in future, also the SUV in Chattanooga (Tennessee) with 2.200 employees. With 7.500 employees, Toyota produces almost all vehicles in Kentucky that are sold in the USA. Foreign suppliers have created around 70.000 jobs in the United States with suppliers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz in particular are regarded as US citizens in the respective region of their factories, and are closely linked to the authorities and the families of the employees.

The fact that Donald Trump and interviewer Diekmann do not say a word about it suggests that neither of them has the issue of US production by foreign manufacturers on the screen. At least not so clearly that it should have been mentioned. Trump, as President, will not be able to avoid considering this side of the coin in his import-customs considerations. And it is not to be expected that BMW will now abandon the production of the 2019 Series planned for 3 in the new plant in Mexico.






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