Apple's iCar will probably not become reality - BMW boss is upgrading current models electrically

Actually, there is no place where electric mobility is concerned. The customers are not yet ready for the future, it seems. BMW i drives the once offensive communication for the i3 and i8 on a back burner. In order to bring BMW i into the headlines as "leading provider of electric mobility", BMW boss Harald Krüger is planning a new foray into electric mobility, according to the Handelsblatt. However, not with new i-models, but with the electrification of the existing model range.

BMW is therefore pursuing the same strategy as Volkswagen. Both strategies have the misconception that it would be sufficient for the customer to install an electric motor in a normal model. The marketing experts should know better: Customers do not want "old" cars into which an electric drive is implanted. You want spectacular design that conveys the future at first glance. The i8 succeeded, but not quite the i3. But both models are strikingly different. If e-vehicles are to be a success, then not with the “normal” bodies. And the fact that BMW i will only launch new e-models á la i2021 and i3 in 8 should make the moderate success of BMW i a major drought. BMW would simply have to add more quickly in order to increase interest in the market. A new battery for the i3 is not enough.

However, it is nonsense to accuse the German auto industry of oversleeping electromobility. If someone is sleeping here, it's the customer. It is simply difficult to shape the electrical future and it is even harder to make the electrical future appealing to customers. Especially when it offers properties that are not comparable to the conventional technology of an internal combustion engine. Long ranges and quick refueling at a very affordable price. This is simply not possible with the electric drive. Perhaps the breakthrough will come in 2018 when battery technology is expected to make a major leap forward in terms of both range and charging times.


Current fuel prices (September 2016) in California Photo: Kai Groschupf

The low fuel prices are another factor that keeps customers with the traditional engine. This is particularly true in the giant market in the USA, where customers are back on the gas again because fuel is so cheap. The current price for conventional fuels is not necessarily an incentive to switch to the more impractical and, overall, more expensive electric drive. The liter of super currently costs about 70 euro cents in the USA and thus only half the price two years ago.

If you know that Elon Musk makes about $ 15.000 in loss per Tesla sold, then euphoria is inappropriate. Even if, for example, Renault reports that it has sold 100.000 electric cars - five years after production started.

Now Apple has also secretly said goodbye to the iCar project. The media's widespread concern that Apple and Co. would dig up the water from traditional manufacturers is not without foundation today. Although the future will be electric, it hasn't really started yet. These days we tried out the real e-mobility. Driving with hydrogen and the fuel cell. You can read what we have experienced here shortly.

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