Porsche Carrera S: Less sound, more driving dynamics

Whenever Porsche modernizes its classic car, more mileage comes out, but this time - here the true XNUMX fan mourns - less of the sound that gives you goose bumps and shivers of delight at the back.

When a tunnel is opened in the vacuum cleaner Carrera, a window is opened for the owners of the “old” Carrera, the pleasant sound of a powerful Porsche propellant maximized with short gas bursts shoots into the vehicle interior. Getting this sound on your ears becomes / became a very special acoustic pleasure.


Perfect ergonomics: 911 fittings Photos: Kai Groschupf

Because the era of the naturally aspirated engines comes to an end with the current 911 facelift of the 991 series and all Carreras are now forced-ventilated by turbocharger, there is not much left of the famous suction roar and the aggressive hissing of unchecked exhaust gas. Let's be honest: there is nothing left of it. In the sport mode and sports exhaust system, the past sounds a bit, thanks to the sound symposia that transmit sound waves from the engine to the interior. Ok, but that doesn't sound intense enough. One consolation remains: If you want a 911 without turbo, the GT3 and GT3 RS remain for the time being. All other XNUMXs have to comply with stricter emission limits, which can only be met with a smaller displacement and turbo, say the engineers.

_MG_7340What is important for sound and sucker fetishists does not play the dominant role for dynamic fans. For some, driving dynamics is everything. They will also buy the electric 2020 announced for 420. It is more important to these customers to be able to drive quickly through a curve and to accelerate out of it in a flash. The new Carrera undoubtedly does better than its predecessor: thanks to two turbochargers in the Carrera S, the six-cylinder engine, shrunk to three liters, produces at least 6.500 hp at 308 rpm and makes the "S" up to 0 km / h fast. The sprint from 100 to 3,9 km / h is mastered by the “S” with PDK and the Sport Chrono Package, which is subject to a surcharge, using Launch Control in XNUMX seconds, where the area of ​​super sports cars begins.

Vacuum cleaner versus turbo: The vacuum cleaner is said to be able to circle around a curve more precisely because the power development does not increase suddenly, but in a controllable and continuous manner. A prejudice. In the new Carrera with double turbo, there is no sign of a turbo hole. The beefy torque of up to 500 Newton meters is available in the Carrera S between 1.700 and 5.000 rpm. In terms of feeling, the engine develops an extremely linear power band that reaches up to 7.500 rpm without the power seeming to drop out at the top. That's how Turbo works! The developers have given everyone to level the turbo lag.

The new Carrera remains a piece of cream. Even if in the course of development the attributes of a pure sports car were increasingly ground away from the concept of comfort. The XNUMX of earlier times were not made to drive relaxed from Munich to Hamburg. On the other hand, this works effortlessly in the new Carreras. We can only hope that in the end only comfort will be taken into account. It is clear that the new Carrera hardly requires the experienced driver in any situation. You can hardly go wrong even when getting full power.

This plus of relaxed character is sometimes quite pleasant. With the optional rear wheel steering (2249 euros), the Carrera drives even in very fast corners like on rails. And fast here means really fast. That sounds banal, but it is extremely impressive. The traction when accelerating out of a sharply braked corner is fantastic. Driving fun is also accelerated here by turbo. Here is the video Carrera S:

The PCM with Apple Car Play and live traffic is also new. However, the question arises as to whether or not you should take the iPhone straight away, because all the app functions are not available on the screen. Operating the navigation system has become much easier, the high-resolution display is good for you. Customers are pleased that the navigation system is now standard on board, since the significantly higher base price is better psychologically manageable. Even when setting the driving modes using the rotary switch on the steering wheel, you can find your way immediately. The steering wheel has become a bit thicker (very pleasant), the shift paddles are a bit too short (too bad).

As always with a Porsche model revision, the new Carrera also offers more performance with less consumption. However, the standard consumption of just under nine liters is clearly below reality. But in view of the driving performance, the eleven to twelve liters shown on our very sharp exit are also worth mentioning economically. The farewell to the naturally aspirated engine is all in all not a drama. Customers will continue to love the 911. And the used suction cups will continue to rise in price. This is the Porsche world as we know it.

Technical data Porsche 911 Carrera S: two-seater sports car / coupe, length: 4,50 meters, width: 1,85 meters, height: 1,29 meters, wheelbase: 2,45 meters, empty weight: 1.565 kilograms, max. Payload: 460 kg, trunk volume at the front 145 liters, rear 260 liters, tank capacity: 64 liters, engine: 3-liter 6-cylinder boxer engine with biturbo, power: 420 hp at 6.500 rpm, max. Torque: 500 Newton meters between 1.700 - 5.000 rpm, 0 - 100 km / h (launch control): 3,9 seconds, top speed: 308 km / h, average consumption: 8,7 liters of Super Plus / 100 km, CO2 emissions : 199 g / km, basic price: 110.766 euros.

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  1. Michael Bierbaum | 16. December 2015 12 to: 01 | Reply

    Dear Mr. Kroschupf,
    I can completely understand her feeling. Unfortunately, I myself have not had the pleasure of having such an indescribable experience, but I am very interested in automobiles and can completely agree with them, the sound and the buzzing that brings the whole body to life when the engine is at full power and the brute power on it The road starts and it only sings Fiat UNO from the exhaust system, the joy of driving is gone. Kind regards M.Bierbaum

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