"Willi Important" in Dossier B about the VW scandal

There are stories that are so apt and good that you just have to spread them further. Always well informed, pointedly cheeky and well-known Dossier B a certain "Willi Important" took up pen. I can save myself the work there.

... this is not good news for the hysterics among the media people. Now it's no longer the gigantic 800 cars that are VW due to allegedly incorrect exhaust gas values ​​in Germany might have had to call back, but only 36 units. At least that's how the Wolfsburg-based carmaker reported it with the Flensburg man Federal Motor Transport Authority. This was preceded by measurements that revealed to the day that the Volkswagen engines in question do not emit as much excessive amounts of CO2 as they did at the beginning of the Affair were extrapolated. Some green tree kissers, the one or the sees himself as a world saver until his / her own composting, should now actually switch back two criticisms. Such contemporaries will not do that because they are less concerned with facts than with ideology. That is why the enemy image persists: the car is the slingshot that needs to be fought primarily because criticism can get people going.

Coal-fired power plants or giant ships, on the other hand, which blow far more dirt into the air than all the cars on earth, are far less suitable as ideological targets because they cause little or no emotion among voters when it comes to gaining democratic power.

Enemy image, enemy image that the exhaust gas fraud affects only a fraction of VW models in Germany does not make the affair in the USA any better, of course. So it will come in soon San Francisco to hear a class action lawsuit against VW. There is no question that this will cost the auto company millions of punitive dollars in the end. However, it is still unclear how the American environmental commissioners tracked down VW's Mogel software. In any case, they did not penetrate engine management during the tests. That this is almost impossible has dossierB Written and demonstrated weeks ago that, according to current knowledge, there are no reports from super hackers that have been proven to crack the engine management of a modern car. The apparently unsuspecting author of a contribution to this topic in a large German magazine admitted that the US Office has not yet found access to the software, but added that the experts are supposed to go deeper there. To put it bluntly, you don't have the codes for it. And not without reason have recently TÜV and the competition organization DEKRA exactly these access codes are required in order to be able to control the exhaust gas more precisely in future in the course of regular car tests.

So the question remains: Who has petted that VW uses such clever software that recognizes whether a car is being driven normally or whether it is being tested on the test bench? Since the beginning of the VW affair, experts have been surprised that there have been such tsunami waves because of the software. Reason: There are quite a few cars whose drivers can switch the engine and transmission from normal to eco or sport mode at the push of a button. This is only possible with the help of clever software, which can either lame the horses or sting their oats.

Dear reader, did the doorbell ring?

Your Willi important

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