BMW 435d xDrive Gran Coupé: More sports cars with diesel power

There are many cars that impress. Few that inspire. And even less, which, with all the dynamic fun, are content with less than nine liters per 100 km. The BMW 435d xDrive Gran Coupé is of exactly that driving quality that sums up everything that we can call unlimited driving pleasure. The question arises: we need more

The 435d xDrive Gran Coupé is not a compromise car that shows a little bit of everything, despite its commitment to political correctness in terms of CO2 emissions. This BMW is consistently consistent in every detail. If you drive ahead without having to be excessively reserved on the motorway, you can cover 100 km with 7,5 liters. And those who are very quick on the move can only make it to the 10-liter mark with crazy long-term sprints. With an average of 8,5 liters, you're on the move very quickly. BMW proves once again that the term “efficient dynamics” is not just an empty phrase, but a technical program.

Crystal clear thing: fittings in the 435d xDrive

Crystal clear: fittings in the 435d xDrive PHOTOS: BMW

It is no surprise that the real consumption values ​​differ from the official norm values. The combined 5,7 liters are not fancy, but the usual laboratory values ​​that are bar the real street reality. Anyone who knows how to classify this will be more than pleased with the performance offered by this three-liter engine, which brings its power to the road so silky smoothly via the 8-speed Steptronic that we keep asking ourselves whether there really is a diesel at work is. The sonorous engine sound is unobtrusively pleasant and sounds absolutely suitable for sports cars when the driver calls for performance.

313 hp are just a value that only really gets meaningful with the massive 630 Newton meters of torque. A car that is 4,8 km / h in 100 seconds easily fits into the category of real sports cars. Let's take the Porsche 911 Carrera, which has an identical value of 4,8 seconds at the factory with manual transmission. The Porsche Panamera with a diesel engine even takes six seconds to reach 100 km / h. Let's take the current BMW M3: it is only half a second earlier at 100 km / h than the 435xd - this difference is not really noticeable in terms of feeling.

Just a few years ago, such values ​​in a diesel would have been dismissed as pure fantasy, far from realizable. In this respect, it is an incredible development in diesel engine construction. Not just at BMW. When BMW started to equip the five-seater with a diesel in 1983 (115 hp, 0 to 100 in 11,5 seconds), when refueling at the diesel petrol pump it was pointed out that it was "accidentally" refueled with diesel. Back then, BMW and diesel engines still seemed to be an irreconcilable contradiction. Diesel were once cried out as lame and smoking. There's no longer any question of that, as this BMW impressively proves.

The fact that the driver can enjoy every moment of power development even on a slippery road is thanks to the electronically controlled dampers of the adaptive chassis and the all-wheel drive xDrive. Various characteristic curves can be programmed using the "Driving Experience Switch" - the driver has several options from Eco plus to Sport plus. In fact, almost all driving style wishes can be brought together. From dynamic, sporty to relaxed, efficient. The fact that the transmission control also takes the course of the road into account via the navigation system is one of the numerous electronic miracles that we have to get used to. The variable sports steering with Servotronic also contributes to the overall enjoyment. Regardless of the speed you drive, it has different steering ratios. The larger the steering angle, the less the driver has to turn the steering wheel. This has a very positive effect on agility when driving sportily and offers pleasant comfort, for example when parking.

You should definitely treat yourself to a particularly valuable detail (valuable not because of the additional charge of 1320 euros): the adaptive LED light. You have the feeling that it glows up to the horizon. If the automatic dipped beam is active, you can forget about dimming carefully. An image sensor in the front mirror not only detects oncoming traffic, but also vehicles in front. A mechanism in the headlamp covers the high beam selectively according to the sensor image. The system works quickly and extremely reliably. Oncoming cars are perceived at a distance of 1000 meters, vehicles in front at 400 meters. The play of the LEDs is extremely interesting, as it leads to the fact that a vehicle in front is hidden, but the road next to this vehicle is still illuminated. Drivers in front will be amazed to see that they are overtaken by a light beam on the left and right. But don't be blinded in the rearview mirror.

The latest generation of iDrive couldn't be better. Thanks to simple menus, it is easy to use, has features like the BMW M APP, and, above all, looks very good. With BMW Connected Drive you can, for example, listen to web radio and have your Eco Pro driving style assessed; With the M app you can call up the performance telemetry of the car. This way you can professionally refine your own driving style.

You don't have to say a lot about the design. The Gran Coupé fascinates with its somehow transparent lightness. It stands confidently on the street, but remains cautiously elegant. The silhouette of the perfectly proportioned vehicle shows exciting lines that show how exciting restraint can be.

The fact that the car is still perceived as new after 10 months of market presence can be seen from the reactions of passers-by, who are curiously looking around for the four-door coupé. And seem to have the question on their lips: Is it new?



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