Is the new "smart" a drunkard?

What Mirror online current about the new smart Forfour writes, shouldn't inspire at the Daimler headquarters. The story of the "thirsty Däumling" shows once again how much the official consumption values ​​of most vehicles ignore reality, better truth. But what counts even more: That the baby produced by Daimler and Renault could disappoint all expectations in terms of consumption.

The new smart forfour (Photo: smart)

The new smart forfour (photos: smart)

Did the smart managers and engineers learn nothing from the predecessor? The tests repeatedly criticized that the smart is by no means a smart economy car. "The little environmental angel is a great swallowing woodpecker!" Criticized Autobild Already in 2007. For example, Autobild reported a rented smart that was officially given 6,1 liters per 100 km in town, but that it consumed 9,6 liters. The smart mhd tested at the same time was specified as 4,9 liters in the city, but burned 7,4 liters. Autobild back then: “As a reminder: smart attracts customers with city consumption of less than five liters for the mhd version and 6,1 liters for the normal 770-kilo Smart. Things get really annoying when you use the four-seat, 300-pound VW Fox 1.2 for comparison. ”It even undercut the official urban value by 0,1 liters.

Also in the car forums, smart owners repeatedly criticized extensively that the smart was a drunkard given its size. Such a critical background noise should actually lead those responsible to make drastic reductions in consumption in order to take the wind off the sails of constant criticism. Obviously not with the new one smart.

Identical to the Renault Twingo Produced in Novo Mesto in Slovenia, the Daimler / Renault cooperation put a completely new car on the wheels. With a practically equipped interior, a cheerful, youthful design with fresh colors, Daimler's youngest should particularly inspire young customers. Leaving the engine design to Renault doesn't seem to have made any progress. The three-cylinder engines with a liter capacity produce between 61 and 71 hp, the turbo variant even 90 hp. The latter has Mirror online tested and prompted pretty sharp criticism.

Although the on-board computer had certified the tester's economic mileage and the average consumption was 4,3 liters (city consumption 5,1 liters), the on-board computer had signaled an average of 8,9 liters - “the own calculation using a fuel receipt even resulted in almost eleven Liter".

The tester continued literally: "Yes, it was cold. Yes, it was mostly short journeys. And yes, the automatic start-stop system rarely came into action due to the frosty temperatures. But wait a minute: a three-meter-fifty car swallows as much as a four-and-a-half-eighty limousine that weighs a good one and a half times? This is probably a joke."

The author is surprised: “If you talk to smart representatives about it, you don't hear courageous defense speeches or you come across massive doubts about such values. Apparently the Forfour - at least the three-cylinder turbo version - is known as a swallowing woodpecker. "

The brand smart Daimler needs to bring the Group's fleet average below the legal limits. However, this is calculated from the official measurement cycle, which is currently being revised in order to become more realistic. The fact that smart customers will continue to be amazed or annoyed by high consumption levels will not help to give the brand an economical image. So it doesn't help if the Öko-Trend-Institut does that smart forfour Approved a "very good" in terms of consumption. Customers shape the image, not the unrealistic standard consumption.

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