Hydrogen car Toyota Mirai: Ugly, but already successful

It seems that history can repeat itself after all. The established automakers once smiled at Toyota when the company launched the Prius with hybrid drive. That was in 1997. Physically, even experts considered two drives in one car to be inefficient. In fact, this is still true today when it comes to fast freeway journeys on which the hybrid cannot demonstrate its short-distance qualities. The market success came slowly, meanwhile the company together with Lexus has sold about six million hybrid vehicles.

The first fuel cell vehicle that could be bought as a standard was presented by Toyota at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November. A picture of an ugly car, but a technological leap that gives Toyota the edge that other manufacturers like to claim. Toyota doesn't care about concerns like lack of hydrogen fueling infrastructure, but creates the need that the infrastructure will no doubt follow. The fact that the lead in the Mirai is purely technological and not aesthetic in nature will probably not stand in the way of success.

Incidentally, the automobile would never have been a success had you waited for petrol stations. When Berta Benz made her legendary ride in a horse-drawn carriage from Mannheim to Pforzheim, she still had to buy the smallest quantities of gasoline in the pharmacy. Back then, those who were concerned could not have imagined that there would eventually be gas stations everywhere. So it should be with hydrogen.

Toyota originally wanted to sell 2015 Mirais in 700, and the rush for the first real hydrogen car surprised even Toyota. For Mirai, which has been available in Japan since December last year, over 1500 orders were received in just four weeks, Tokyo said. The Toyota marketing experts originally expected annual sales (!) Of 400 units. To date, authorities and companies have placed 60 percent of orders, and four out of ten buyers are private customers.

Given the surprisingly high demand, the Toyota managers have significantly increased the production figures for the Mirai. In 2016, 2.000 vehicles will roll off the assembly line, and a year later, 3.000. In September of this year the Mirai is also available in Germany.


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