On the road in the BMW 435i Cabrio: headroom to the sun is an issue, especially in winter

Who thinks of driving a convertible in wintry temperatures? Lots! Because if you ask experienced car sellers, most convertibles are not ordered in spring or summer, but during the cold season. The longing for those 150.000 million kilometers of headroom to the sun is most pronounced when it shines the shortest.

When we set off in late summer in the BMW 435i Cabrio, snow and black ice were just vague terms, not a realistic risk. The air smelled of meadow freshness and old woman sun.

Screenshot-2015 01-16 to 01.10.01Driving a convertible is a very special way of enjoying quality of life, taking a deep breath in all openness, enjoying the scent of mown meadows and hearing the unadulterated sound of the best engine building tradition: the sound of a full-fledged six-cylinder in-line engine - that's open-top driving to perfection.

It is not only the 306 hp that impress in the 435i, but it is the ever-thrilling turbine-like ability to turn this propellant, which has a level of maturity that is hard to beat. The TwinPower engine with two turbochargers and three liters displacement always seems to draw on the full. No wonder, because the maximum torque of 400 Newton meters is already at 1200 1 / min and is present up to 5000 1 / min. That means pulling practically from a standing position, at least almost from the idle cellar. 5,5 seconds go from 0 to 100 km / h. Without a turbo lag, the two turbines blow oxygen into the combustion chambers, which is a pleasure. The development of power is consistent of that dynamic type that has nothing tortured about it at all. The driver always has the feeling that the engine still has plenty of reserves. The engine seems underpowered rather than overwhelmed. The electronically locked 250 km / h are reached far too quickly. In terms of feeling, it should be a little more.

Because here, in addition to the engine, other quality features of the BMW 435i convertible come into play: the chassis, the absolutely reliable brakes, the optimally graduated and perfectly shifting, optional eight-speed automatic transmission, which was also installed in the test car. All of these technical features harmonize perfectly and give the convertible a decidedly sporty, yet comfortable note that can be felt under all driving conditions. The sensitively graded gears offer the right level of power transmission at all speeds. Whether strolling along the country road or hurrying along the open highway. The driver is always in control. Anyone who travels in the Sport driving mode via the driving experience switch will feel the link between navigation data and transmission control according to the route. Spontaneous downshifting when accelerating, relaxed gear changes in Comfort mode.

The driver also has the choice of being particularly efficient on the road. In Eco pro mode, the characteristic curve of the accelerator pedal is varied and the heating / air conditioning strategy is intelligently controlled. Many such details lead to fuel savings of up to 20 percent.

What the electronics do is enormous. The variable sports steering, for example, adapts very effectively to the "steering requirement". Regardless of the current speed, it responds to the steering wheel angle with steering ratios of different sizes. At the same time, it reduces the steering movements required for particularly large wheel locks. This noticeably increases agility, improves handling when driving in a particularly sporty manner in tight bends and bends as well as during evasive maneuvers. But it also increases comfort when parking, turning and maneuvering. The driver is always “served” by the steering Servotronic in such a way that he receives the right support for every need.

BMW started early with EfficientDynamics to generate savings potential from many details. From braking energy recovery to electromotive steering support, which only uses energy when steering and thus saves up to 0,3 liters per 100 km / h, there are numerous sources of fuel savings. In fact, you can get close to the specified fuel consumption of 7,7 liters (Steptronic sport automatic transmission).

However, the 8-liter brand already requires total driver abstinence. A BMW in this category is simply not suitable for this. But with reasonable driving style, it is easy to stay well below a consumption of ten liters. For a 306 HP engine, 9,6 liters is a very acceptable value. If you let it crack, you have to count on 14,5 liters. So the driver is still the best fuel-saving program. Speaking of saving: if you buy this convertible, you cannot turn the euro around. Neatly equipped, 75.000 euros can be easily achieved. But more is also possible.

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