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The new Audi TT: “perfected sleeping pill”?

The Swiss Peter Ruch is a happy person. And an excellent automotive journalist who can undoubtedly put it in an interesting, funny and cheap way. Being on the Die Welt blog "PS - cars"Culture of Ulf Pschardt + friends" placed epic against automotive patronage is a much-commented hit also in the usual forums.

Because "populism" only exists on a socio-political, not necessarily on a technological level, we break down the usual categorization here today: What Ruch writes is pure anti-technology populism. Because he writes so amusing, readers think too little about the seriousness and questionability of the content. Maybe we are all annoyed by the multitude of electronic assistants, the many setting options of the navigation screen and so on. But don't they also make motorists a little more confident, safe and comfortable?

Peter Ruch congratulates Audi CEO Stadler on the company's success. And already in the second sentence he gets to the point: "Feels like every other automobile that is clearly too close in the speed-restricted sections on the back of the motorway is one of yours." A pretty flat prejudice. I've read the same thing about BMW and Mercedes drivers.

I know many who nod their heads now. "It's great, you have a great clientele, and all the billions of euros that Audi was left with thanks to the common parts strategy with Skoda are a really fine achievement", writes Ruch. OK, you can see it that way or not. Doesn't really matter here. The colleague Ruchs from the business department would criticize if Audi did not make any profits.

Ruch continues in his letter to Stadler: "Nevertheless, I would like to give you some advice: Rent an Alfa Romeo 4C for two or three days. That shouldn't be a problem for you, your top boss is driving, ok, if you own one or the other product from the most beautiful daughter of the parent company from Alfa, there will certainly be something to be done. ” LOL.

I agree that the Alfa is a beautiful, at least interesting, car, that its gaps are no mercy under Winterkorn's eyes. “The 4C has a lane keeping assistant. In the form of the steering wheel. It also has a rain sensor. By fiddling with a switch on the right, faster, slower, not at all. He has a cruise control, which is called gas foot, and he also has a distance radar, namely the eyes of the pilot in cooperation with the brake. " Finally someone says it, speaks out what no one else dares to say. For real?

The author in the frenzy of formulation on the way to bringing forth the eternal truth. Phrases carved in marble. Sentences for eternity.

Everything is wonderful. You can’t describe the Alfa with more speed than in this attack on the technological progress of electronic assistants, which may have become too much for some.

Ruch's conclusion is exaggerated: "Throw away the new TT", he asks Stadler. He joins the many 2-liter FSI derivatives that are just boring. It was missing "Character, dear Mr. Stadler, please build a car with character again or finally". Anyway, someone like the Alfa 4C. The Audis don't have any, they just seem to be something for warm showers and millionaire wives who are unfamiliar with driving, if you want to believe the author of the open letter. But nothing for "full throttle freaks" who "Get up at 5am on Sunday morning, eat two or three passports" and then have a good breakfast with the family. The madness? No, nonsense.

He continued: "Extend the 4C times. You will experience a nervous, nasty part that challenges the driver every second of the way. You don't want to drive from Munich to Hamburg with him, it's too loud, too coarse, too active for that, you'd arrive sweaty. ”

Is the man right? Do we want to go back to the "nasty animals" that challenge us every second while we are just keeping the rear of our car from overtaking us with wet hands? Do we want to go back to 17.000 fatalities a year in Germany, almost 15.000 more than today? Is the public road the right place for field trials to define driving pleasure as a drift orgy? Yes, it's hell of a lot of fun if you can and doesn't endanger anyone. But does that still fit in with the times? Did it ever fit in a time? I'm - honestly - torn there. I can see the pictures in front of me, how novice drivers have wrapped their cars around trees or otherwise crashed into the oncoming traffic in a completely overwhelmed manner.

I want to go from Hamburg to Munich, relaxed and not sweaty. I don't want a car that is only great where "driving pleasure lives". In my experience, it also lives in arriving safely and relaxed. The ESP has already saved me from a serious accident. If it had crashed, the driving pleasure would have been gone. We have to learn that we define driving pleasure differently. And certainly not without considering other people. The new Audi TT as "perfected sleeping pill " to designate is only rhetorically original.

I am happy about every Alfa driver who knows how to master this driving machine and who enjoys it. But I don't want an inexperienced driver to break his head with it. And I certainly don't want him to meet me on a winding country road on my side of the road because his "Lane Keeping Ass" steering wheel failed. The standard ESP can be switched off ...

It is typical Autotester thinking that the author criticizes that too many identical parts are installed in the Volkswagen company and the brands are watered down. If you change the car every week, you may find it difficult to find big differences. Such considerations are completely irrelevant for the buyer. He wants breast Have car and drive it for a few years. In good quality at an affordable price. He doesn't care whether the engine is still working in another of the Group's vehicles. And if the Alfa is as good a fun car as the author cheers, it will no doubt find its buyers. It remains to be seen whether the Alfa can hold the water or even dig into the Audi TT. In any case, Rupert Stadler has no reason to overturn his planning and strategy. Success will prove him right. After all, Audi does not build its cars for the minority of cross-cutting motor journalists.

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  1. interesting, mister groschupf, do we know each other?

    • Peter Groschupf | 17. May 2014 22 to: 32 | Reply

      Dear Mr. Ruch, yes we know each other from a few auto appointments.

      Best Regards
      Peter Groschupf

  2. My thinking was the same as the Ruch for a very long time and I have long praised everything Alfa did. According to Wolfgang Egger, things were getting more and more difficult, and anyone who looked closely at the prototype original of the 4C with the V6 Arese engine at Lake Como already rejected the 4C years ago. Not because it's not awesome, but because Alfa Romeo can't do it. I have been one of the biggest fans of Alfa Romeo for the past 15 years and was a total Alfisti with several Alfas in the garage. I loved everyone, but I will avoid the 4C and will hardly ever buy an Alfa again. Because Alfa Romeo did not understand that a car is also needed that, like the 156, is not only beautiful but also useful. The 4C is not awesome, it is a direct-steering go-kart without finesse, neither excessively robust nor excessively elegant. The part is just loud, deep and bulky. Suitcase? No Sitting position perfect? No Power? but not enough. beautiful? Ugly like hardly any Alfa before.

  3. I think Mr. Ruch is really good!

    Why Audi? Well, marketing is awesome and if you want to be a man it has to be a part, otherwise you are not one of them! Audi understood how to position its brand in this way, despite the euro crisis, to keep prices up, and despite the diesel scandal, to keep saying that in the honest German car manufacturer warehouse!

    It is up to you whether anyone needs all the little helpers in order not to arrive tired, just find out that most of them are overwhelmed on the streets!

    Regarding Audi TT, this part is really not exciting, whether from the front or the back, the 4 rings on the grill do not change that! Boring porridge!

    Oh yes, next to it, there are also people like Mr. Ruch who can still drive real cars that have to be switched without having to build an accident!

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