The company car inquisition of Deutsche Umwelthilfe is going into the eighth round - and “auto motor und sport” pretends to be ashamed of others

Audi indicator Screenshot-2014 03-29 to 19.04.15For the eighth time, so-called environmental aid asked top politicians about their company cars with their forefingers to find out again, as expected, that these cars still had too much CO2  expel. It is outrageous to read between the lines that our politicians are not ashamed to accelerate climate change.

No one is surprised that the registered Berlin association is stubbornly arguing ideologically. I am disappointed, horrified, and angry about auto motor sport online, which overwrites the Inquisition report with the question: "Who drives the biggest climate killer?"

Can the spreading CO2-Increase Hypocrisy? Because the answer to the question asked by ams should actually be: auto motor und sport!

ams1Because in the same breath, in the same issue, the editorial team enthusiastically tests “Die Chefs im Ring” - three German hammer automobiles with a total of 1625 hp.

I don't know how to be schizophrenic. If - as ams good the press release of environmental aid parrots without reflection - the top politicians of the CDU and CSU should have earned a red card because their fleets average up to 178 g / km CO2 emit, then the ams editorial team should take a look at their own test fleet and see what average consumption there is. In the comparison mentioned above, an average of 232 g / km. Ergo light years lie between the criticized values ​​of 165 g / km to a maximum of 178 g / km and the test car trio. I would never think of criticizing ams because the specialist journal tests such power mobile devices. This is part of the compulsory program of a specialist magazine.

But: Doesn't anyone in this undisputedly renowned specialist editorial team think about the fact that it is not possible to label emissions between 165 g / km and 178 g / km as a “climate killer”, but even to be euphoric at 232 g / km?

It is striking how contradicting some auto pages argue. On the one hand, the test editors are enthusiastic about "what is being whipped to 4,1 km / h in 100 seconds", namely a 2175 kg AMG limousine, on the other hand, the criticism of environmental aid about a serious and in view of its performance economical Audi A8 4.2 TDI with an average CO2 emission of 194 g / km confirmed as justified.

Dear colleagues, please think about whether the permanent anti-auto polemic of so-called environmental aid is really justified. It is dishonest to pillory politicians who are reasonably well motorized. Shouldn't we be happy that there are such cars and that the car industry is helping Germany to be world export champion?

Auto, motor und sport cannot criticize “climate killer” at the same time, but at the same time convey to the reader feelings of happiness at how “the AMG with its 560-PS V8 biturbo sends 900 Newton meters to the seven-speed automatic transmission at a casual 2250 rpm”.

So that we don't get ourselves wrong: The fact that ams reports on the survey by Umwelthilfe is a compulsory journalistic program. But there should be a little more distance. Because whoever adopts the terminology of these fundamental car critics confirms it.

I cannot imagine that ams wants "The Chefs in the Ring", that is, powerful automobiles, to be banned in the future. Only then would the ams editors be legitimized to distance themselves from “climate killers”. But that's how they act as hypocrites.



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  1. I think the author is making a mistake here.

    The politicians use their company vehicles almost every day. The AMS test park is only in use for a short time. Ergo, the environmental impact is much lower as a result. Basically, AMS even helps to relieve the burden. Because whoever reads a euphoric report about the brutal acceleration values ​​already feels like one of these cars. Ergo, he no longer has to buy such a vehicle, but looks forward to his economical hybrids in the garage ... .. * how was that again with the disposal of the batteries and the rare earths .... *

    I'll buy a pair of shoes now ... made in Bangladesh ... then I glue the AMS from last month underneath to protect the soles ... maybe I can then press the accelerator pedal on my Brabus a little lower :)

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