Audi with sales record in 2013 and a return on sales of over ten percent - high investments weigh on profits

When Daimler-Benz AG sold Auto Union (now Audi) to Volkswagen in the mid-1,575s, no one could have imagined that Audi would one day compete massively with the brand with the star and would be ahead of Mercedes-Benz in key success criteria. The Audi story is a success story that only life can write. 2013 million vehicles of the Audi brand were delivered to customers in 1,48 (Mercedes-Benz 50 million) and generated almost 10,1 billion euros in sales. With an operating return on sales of XNUMX percent, this is over five billion euros in profit before taxes and more than the company had forecast as the target corridor.

The fact that the profit has declined is described as "clear" in some media. This does not take into account the fact that Audi has to invest enormous expenses in technological progress. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler will not be alarmed by the fact that profit after tax has dropped by 7,7 percent to 4,01 billion. "2013 was an extraordinary year and we will remain on course for success in 2014", Stadler is optimistic.

The reason why the profit declined slightly is due to immense investments. Stadler explains: “In the past twelve months we have taken a massive step towards globalization with new plants in Hungary and China and the preparation of local productions in Mexico and Brazil. The new A3 family is very well received by our customers, just like our SUV models in the Q series. ”This year, 17 new models are to be launched.

The high investments of the past years are already beginning to bear fruit. Last week, Audi presented the new Audi TT to the world public in Geneva. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development, describes the latest Audi as follows: “Everything that makes Audi stand out is in the third TT generation. Impressive sportiness, high-quality design and pioneering efficiency. ”With a view to the company's strategy, the development board says:“ Our goal is holistic CO2-neutral mobility based on emotional and performance-oriented models. ”That is why Audi wants to extend its technical lead in all efficiency disciplines. In this context, Head of Technology Hackenberg names the new A3 family, which will be launched this year with highly efficient ultra, e-tron and g-tron models. The success story of the supercharged direct injection engines will also be continued in a future-oriented manner. Audi is developing the TDI engines into sporty performance machines without questioning the advantages in terms of efficiency and emissions. In the TFSI engines, Audi has now reached a liter output of 210 hp (155 kW). "Values ​​that were enough for a Le Mans victory a few years ago," says Ulrich Hackenberg. For this reason, the development board explicitly mentioned in its speech the more than 10.000 developers who are to continue to provide technology in the future.


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