Audi A5 Coupé 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel: Premium all along the line

The Audi face also comes from Peter Schreyer

Audi always surprises me. You get much more than you get from a Premium-Marke expected. This is particularly true for the two-door A5 Coupé, which as the 3.0 TDI quattro S tronic absolutely corresponds to the philosophy of “being more than seeming”. It has always been the case that a coupe offers two doors less at a higher price, but it represents an extra portion of exclusivity and special aesthetics. The coupé looks very sporty, especially in profile, more like a sports car than a sedan. Even for a classic coupe, the lines with the flat roof appear even sportier than you would expect from a coupe. The front and rear also give this Audi a precise and confident presence that embodies extremely typical Audi design.

Anyone who thinks that the A5 Coupé is based on the A4 platform can hardly believe it. There is a classic premium coupe, stands with an impressive presence on the street and radiates exactly the mixture that combines elegance and unobtrusiveness, formal conviction and modern presentation. Formally, this coupe is one of the most successful. Because it is so inconspicuous. Because it conveys a little more elegance than other Audi models.

Anyone entering here must feel comfortable straight away. Even if that sounds banal, you can't say that about every automobile. In many cars, you first have to orientate yourself to shake in your seat to get the feeling that you can grow together with the vehicle. There are cars that remain foreign to you for many thousands of kilometers. Not this Audi coupe. Getting in and finding yourself integrated is one thing.

Yes, and driving? Why should it be different than expected when a rich torque of 580 Newton meters and a maximum output of 180 kW / 245 hp are achieved on four wheels? The driving performance not only impresses with numerical values, but above all with the subjective feeling of the impetuous urge to move forward. Sports cars were reserved for 0 to 100 km / h in under six seconds a few years ago, but not diesel. Yes, the remark is superfluous, since diesel engines have long been high-end engines that are technically more complex than petrol engines. Needless to say, the coupe runs effortlessly at 250 km / h, marking the electronically regulated limit that seems to be due to political correctness. Just as the Audi storms, there can be no technical limit.

Whoever uses the diesel's joy in performance can easily push consumption to nine liters. Normally driven, you land effortlessly between six and a half and eight liters and don't feel like you're on the back burner. The Audi six-cylinder is certainly one of the very efficient and extremely sophisticated self-propelled engines. That he only gets a B on the efficiency scale is mathematically correct, but has an inappropriately negative effect. The whole CO2 discussion keeps forgetting that the real consumption is hidden in the driver's gas foot. With an average of 149 g / km, this powerful engine is quite in a green zone when it comes to CO2 emissions. In terms of emissions standards, the Audi is ahead of the legal situation with Euro 6, which will only apply to new registrations from September 2014. No wonder that every second Audi is a diesel.

Audi A5 / still shotThe 7-speed S-Tronic is impressive. It switches and manages that it is a pleasure. The driver can intervene in any way, but this rarely makes sense, especially since the various driving programs make Audi's "active lane assist" all the more interesting. The steering intervenes gently between 60 and 250 km / h if the driver leaves the lane without concentration. If you are not expecting it, you might be surprised at first when the steering wheel moves by itself. A security detail that is much more than a gimmick. I experienced it myself when I was only briefly distracted. Well, nothing would have happened, but I was very impressed by the assistant's sensitive intervention.

Just like so many other extras that I will not mention. The MMI navigation system is among the best that is currently available in premium vehicles. The usability of so many possibilities to individualize the assistants, to program them according to the driver's wishes, requires a more intensive study of the operating instructions. But the way the systems are operated was quickly understood. Unlike motor journalists, car owners don't change vehicles that often. That's why I save the worn-out word from the Autotester lyric: getting used to. It is not a matter of habit to master a car in all its facets. It's easy to learn.

In the premium segment, we just got used to the prices. Including VAT, our test car costs 66.734,99 euros. Everything from the fine Nappa leather upholstery to the luxury navigation system to the adjustable chassis was included, to name just three of the 26 optional extras. I would never buy an extra: the dimmable interior mirror. Here you always have the feeling that only a little is dimmed. That would be the best way for me to reach for the mirror or for manual dimming. s

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