The environmental expert Axel Friedrich and his strange theses - about the CO2 compromise: "Without coercion, there is no development."

dr Axel Friedrich

dr Axel Friedrich

Axel Friedrich, former department head at the Federal Environment Agency, has always been a keen critic of the auto industry. The chemist with a doctorate is considered to be a persuader in matters Carbon dioxide reduction. Ironically, the then Federal Minister for the Environment, Siegmar Gabriel, made him responsible for the breakdown with retrofitted but sometimes ineffective diesel soot filters. Wrongly, as those involved know today.

His arguments were and still are shaped by the typical ideology that basically considers driving a devil's stuff, and that drums with the terminology of applied environmental awareness. Again in an interview with Spiegel online.

Friedrich does not consider the EU's CO2 limit values, which have now been adopted, to be demanding enough. Friedrich does admit that the cars are "a little more expensive", but this would be significantly offset by the fuel costs saved.

He would have preferred a limit of 2020 grams from 80, which "would have been absolutely necessary from an environmental point of view".

Let us be glad that a Mr. Friedrich does not make exhaust gas laws. It would be disastrous for Germany's flagship industry, which still creates 750.000 jobs.

How Friedrich comes to the conclusion that even stricter limits would increase the number of jobs is a typical Friedrich paradox. He says that stricter limits resulted in lower oil imports. This would strengthen domestic purchasing power and thereby create jobs. The stricter the limit, the more jobs. What a nonsense. As a consequence, this should mean that zero consumption would mean a multiple of jobs. It is simply absurd what the traffic expert is saying. His goal: that minimalistic unit car with ridiculous engine power.

The chemist Friedrich also outed himself in the interview as a brilliant car designer. He believes it is possible that an optimized mid-range car could be brought under 50 grams of CO2 with conventional means, which would mean about two liters of fuel. "If Mr. Friedrich would manage to implement this for a mid-range car - we would immediately hire it," says a senior engineer from a South German premium manufacturer. "The laws of physics apply to everyone."

Friedrich's reference to the past cannot be dismissed out of hand: “When the catalyst came, the auto industry showed no interest. The same game with the soot particle filter. There is no development without coercion. We used to save one percent per year. After the limit values ​​have been introduced, the average improvement is four percent per year. ”The fact that the pressure of the market alone, with rising fuel prices, is forcing car manufacturers to use more economical vehicles is something that state-critical car critics are happy to ignore. They want to see laws that patronize, patronize, and encourage bureaucracy.

Friedrich is wrong in claiming that similar regulations will apply in the USA as in Europe. Only 2025 consumption regulations are to apply there, which are not even as strict as the EU regulations from 2015.

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