The Daimler skyscraper has been dilapidated for years and should already shine as a new building in 2012 - "What a bad symbolism: the Mercedes star turns on a ruin," criticizes a supervisory board

Symbol of success: The Daimler high-rise in Untertürkheim is a ruin.

Symbol of success: The Daimler high-rise in Untertürkheim is a ruin today.

Administrative centers are seen as the figurehead of successful corporate policy. Sometimes as a sign of megalomania. The Untertürkheim headquarters from 1958 with its 13 floors stood for proud restraint (there were plans for 20 floors at the time) and for the golden years of Daimler-Benz AG. The board of directors of the automotive group resided here until 1990, when Edzard Reuter and his colleagues moved to the Möhringer complex in 1990, which Jürgen E. Schrempp later called "Bullshit Castle".

When Dieter Zetsche wanted to work again in 2006, "where the action is", in other words near the production area, the first problems with the old building were already apparent. A fire protection check came to the conclusion that a basic renovation would have been necessary. The board was planning to demolish and build a new building. It should be completed in 2012.

The sales crisis in 2009 meant that the management board did not consider the demolition and new building costs to be acceptable. The new building has been postponed again and again "to make the balance sheets look better," as one supervisory board criticized. "It is a bad symbolism when the Mercedes star turns on a ruin," he criticizes and does not want to be named. The topic is known to the supervisory board and is also seen by others. "Something must finally happen!"

The board made a start two years ago. An architectural competition led to interesting opportunities, which are still not definitive to this day. In any case, the headquarters should be significantly higher than the high-rise from the fifties. And it shouldn't necessarily be built at the old location.

Now the planning seems to be moving again "and we hope that it is not just planning again", says the critic in the supervisory board. He accuses the board of directors of delaying the topic "to make the numbers look better". He points to Munich: “BMW has shown how to deal with such an industrial heritage monument. They made their four-cylinder from 1972 fit for the next 50 years, beautifully refurbished and created an additional architectural and tourist highlight like our Mercedes Museum with BMW Welt. ”For Daimler it was“ a shame that the administration tower is in ruins allow". Fortunately, the museum was built, "which would probably never have been built under Dieter Zetsche because of the high costs".

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  1. Kurt Huppenbauer | 29. August 2020 18 to: 22 | Reply

    The Mercedes star turns on a ruin.

    A Daimler supervisory board criticized this in 2012. In 2020
    Daimler AG has other problems.

    Worldwide, Daimler ranks third in corporate debt
    $ 151 billion. In the Daimler consolidated balance sheet as of December 31.12.2019, XNUMX
    Daimler documents corporate debt of EUR 240 billion for its group.

    Anyone who believes Daimler is bedded on financial roses has mastered them
    Fundamentals arithmetic not. Daimler currently has one
    Debt level of 400 percent is reached and at such a level goes by itself

    the vain Daimler managers the desire for a new building - wherever it is placed
    should. The supervisory board quoted above, who said in 2012 that the new building had been postponed
    "to make the balance sheets look better" was already ineffective at that time
    Viewing errors in his own group or AG balance sheet.

    The cruel truth is: Daimler has become a restructuring case; a new administration high-rise is therefore an illusion. Hard years are ahead for Daimler!

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