Will auto motor and sport no longer be preferred soon?

Whoever is wondering that car engine and sport getting pretty precise at the end of a blackout period for a car presentation with the current performance on the market may seem like good timing. It is true that some press departments are inclined to adjust the blocking periods to the editorial deadline or the first day of publication of the important auto medium. In any case, this ensures that ams never has to appear later than other auto sheets with a new launch. That could change at Mercedes-Benz, because there you are over ams upset. The Mercedes press department says that accommodating blackout periods could soon be a thing of the past.

When the new S-Class is presented, ams have not kept to agreements can be heard from the press department. That is why one is about to close the once good, now chilled relationships ams to rethink. The sheet also no longer had the meaning of earlier years. However, one also appears at Mercedes Autobild not being good to speak. For example, Carsten Paulun's test ride in the new S-Class with Dieter Zetsche resulted in photos of the classy limousine still stuck in camouflage being retouched and looking real like that Bild am Sonntag is said to have been lifted.

In fact could ams used to look at the sold market edition of over 500.000 copies as "absolute" as the absolute market leader. ams was clearly the heavyweight in the industry as an opinion maker. Other car magazines barely got beyond the 100.000 copies. The competence of the auto test was clearly included ams. The paper was and still is a mandatory reading in the development departments not only of the German car manufacturers. Translation agencies deserve a golden nose who translate the important articles into the respective national language on behalf of foreign automakers in order to send the reports to the local development department. ams In the past, Germany was considered the “bible” of automobile judgment and condemnation. Now the two sheets with the highest circulation are competing ams and Autobild for the title of the nation's premier auto.

The preference for had prevailed ams in the XNUMXs, especially the aggressive editor-in-chief at the time, Helmut Luckner, who also threatened to keep a new car model quiet for the time being if exclusive reporting was not possible. In Germany, Luckner had long been successful with this threat. As far as I can remember, BMW was the first manufacturer to ensure equal treatment of all media under Richard Gaul, head of the press. Actually an impossibility. Different publication dates are difficult to reconcile. Some press departments try to circumvent this by offering the editors different “exclusive stories”. The most important leaves are all preferred, so to speak. The initial anger quickly subsided because the editors were able to adjust to it.

The ranking changed with the appearance of Autobild. Initially ridiculed as amateurish (also by me as editor-in-chief of the auto newspaper at the time) and hardly taken seriously, the paper developed not only automotive expertise, but also extraordinarily good, imaginative and, above all, courageous motor journalism. ams has been fighting to become number two for a good ten years. Without success if you compare the IVW requirements. It can be seen on both pages that the leading motor magazines have lost and continue to lose dramatically. And ams has also had to hand over important editors to the Hamburg competitors who seem to be flourishing creatively. Even the editor-in-chief of Autobild comes from the Stuttgart cadermaker in Leuschnerstrasse and can now unfold unchecked.

However, the decrease in circulation is not necessarily related to the quality of car magazines. Rather, this is due to the need to appear free of charge on the Internet. That is a dilemma. Every publisher has to play a role here, but loses print readers who feel that they are just as well informed online for free. A dilemma that all publishers will probably be fiddling with for a long time.

Anyway. Not only the Mercedes press department would do well to respect serious journalistic work. This applies to reports on low wages at the Untertürkheim plant as well as reports on new models and their problems, such as the disastrous crash test with the Mercedes Citan. And if the VW Golf is voted Car of the Year and not the A-Class, it's not because of bad journalists or a conspiracy against Daimler, but because of the right to freedom of expression. And maybe also a little bit of the jury's professional competence.

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