The hypocrisy of the EU Commission has no CO2 limit values ​​for its own company cars

2012280032_0001If you analyze what the commissioners of the EU are doing, you have to feel like a subject in your arms, especially in Germany, to find the more appropriate word, different… to avoid feeling. Hypocrisy knows no borders, as long as the good citizens, like simple-minded lambs, submit to the Brussels guidelines for the alleged “climate rescue”. While ever stricter CO2 limit values ​​are stipulated from Brussels, which can only be met in the long term with mini-mobiles, the High Commissioners are enjoying themselves in German luxury class sedans. Anyone who has ever had a look at the vehicle fleet in front of the European Commission building will have been surprised: the VIP parking lot only has classy limousines, mostly of German make. 29 luxury vehicles with average CO2 emissions of well over 200 grams per kilometer. There is only one exception: an E-Class from Mercedes-Benz as a hybrid version.

At the same time, the passengers of these vehicles chauffeured in the rear criticize that the reduction in average fuel consumption in Europe is too slow. A smooth insolence.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe is grateful for any new demand for exhaust gas limits from Brussels, in order to point out like a prayer wheel that German board members and ministers regularly exceed the 120 gram limit for their company cars. There has been no criticism of environmental aid in the fleet of EU bureaucracies. Why? Probably because the criticism falls only in Germany on soil fertilized with hysteria, on which the guilty conscience can shoot up.

And the Greens not only decided to increase taxes for the “rich” at their party congress, but they also want to enact educational measures for company cars. Business vehicles should only be allowed to be tax deducted to a limited extent; and only if they stay below the limit values. Patronizing hypocritical do-good ideology is hard to bear if you know how little their protagonists adhere to

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